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Jul 2, 2007 09:23 AM

Mr C's Beach Bistro, Allenhurst

Anyone been to Mr. C's since they re-located to the Allenhurst Beach Club? We used to really enjoy it when it was in Deal but have not been since it moved. Is it still the same owners? Going out to tonight and it is hard to find places open on Monday...thought it would be nice to sit by the water. But tired of mediocre meals. I think I'll lose it if I have another one. (Although went to Far East for lunch on Friday and they never disappoint!!! :) )

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  1. I think it's over-rated and overpriced. If you sit at the bar and order something simple, you'll pay too much but the food will be passable and the view terrific. I believe the owners are the same. I never thought the old place was great, but my inlaws loved it, as, apparently, did a lot of other affluent locals of a certain age (who all seemed to know each other).

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      LOL! funny you say that...that's how we came to enjoy it, it was a favorite of my grandparents and their friends for years! Does the same crowd still frequent it? It would be quite a throwback!