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Jul 2, 2007 09:09 AM

Where did you have the most unusual meat in Manhattan.

I love to try different kinds of meat (not seafood!). Can you suggest places in Manhattan which serve these delicacies? I very much doubt that they make the following, but there's no harm in asking :)

Horse? Camel? Moose?

And where can I find a good Ostrich burger?

And lastly, what's the most unusual meat you have had in Manhattan (and where)?

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  1. Duck Tongue at some weird kinda sketchy place under a bridge in Chinatown...

    1. I had kangaroo at 8 Mile Creek

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        Just had Pigs Ears at Spotted Pig.

      2. My husband ordered bone marrow at Crispo. I will never forget the platter of, well, apparently dinosaur bones that was brought out. He and a companion found it scrumptious. I, while somewhat repulsed by the concept, could not stop laughing at the image as they went at the bones. I feel I will ever carry a little flashback to my husband as Fred Flinstone.

        PS Everything everyone had that night was terrific. Thank you Chowhounds!

        Signed, Wilma

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          Don't be repulsed. The bone marrow is great.

        2. Aspen is supposed to have good meat... elk and such.

          Bone marrow is excellent. They have it fried at Craftsteak.

          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. We had Bison as one of our dishes at Country. LOVE IT RARE. My husband was not thirilled, he thought it was dry.