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Jul 2, 2007 09:08 AM

Gtown waterfront. Nicks?

I went kayaking on Saturday right off the waterfront and we ended working up an appetite after a few hours out. A group of us head to Nicks, thought Tony and Joe's would be too pricy for just some sandwiches and a beer in the afternoon. The food was just atrocious. I had the ribs and they were dry and had hardly any meat. My friend got the chicken sandwich and ordered it with bacon, no mayo. It came with mayo and no bacon. Another had the grilled cheese with tomato and bacon, it came just cheese. And another had the oyster po boy, which lacked oysters and was mainly just a bread sandwich.

I was pretty disappointed because the menu is only about 20 items long and thought they'd have pretty good food for a small menu. Is Nick's just supposed to be a bar, do people go there to eat and how have you found the food? I've been there a couple times for drinks and it's a fun place but wow, the food and service were really lacking.

On a high note, we went to Trio on 17th and Q (I believe) Sat night and had a great time. The food was actually quite good for a little hole in the wall kind of place and the outdoor seating and temperature were perfect.

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  1. Unfortunately, when you choose to eat at the waterfront, you're opting out of good food and service. Those restaurants rest on their laurels and depend on their locations and views to draw people.

    If you're going to eat in that immediate area, Bangkok Joe's is probably your best bet, with their interesting dumpling menu. Otherwise, park the kayak and walk a few blocks to main Gtown.

    1. In the harborfront Agraria is good, but it isn't "waterfront". Out of all those places I think Tony and Joes is the best, but I don't think any of them are good you just go to gawk at people really.