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Dec 2, 2005 04:17 PM

Ferry Plaza - Langier's Pawpaws

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Today's CUESA newsletter had a link to an article about Langier selling pawpaws. It looks like it may have been written a few weeks after the end of the season so I'm not sure if they still have them or any bottled pawpaw products.

Just in case they are still available, here's the article. Otherwise, keep an eye out for them next year.


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  1. Pawpaws are still available at the Langier's stand in front of the Ferry Building, on the left side as you face the clock tower. Among the most luscious fruits I've ever had. (I'm going to grow a pawpaw tree or three from seed. Call me in four years for some fruit.) (Really.)

    1. As with everything else, pawpaws are late this year.

      1. I picked up a few Pawpaws for the first time this Saturday and brought them home to share with guests. I loved their unique caramel flavor! I have such a hard time believing that these fruits aren’t tropical and are in fact indigenous to North America. My only complaint would be that I'm not sure what else I could do with the Pawpaw besides eat it straight - all of those seeds kind of get in the way. But I'm perfectly happy just eating them fresh!

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          I had the opportunity to tour Lagier's ranch this past weekend. At the end of the tour, he presented us with some freshly made pawpaw ice cream! Pure heaven!

          Some of us were brainstorming other uses for the unique pawpaw. Some ideas that came up were custard, rice pudding, sorbet, curry, soup...

          I'd be curious what others do with their pawpaws, now that their coming back into season again...

          1. re: chemchef

            Hey, thanks. I've been waiting for pawpaw season. Haven't tried one yet. Is Lagier selling them at Ferry Plaza yet?

            Moving on from New Mexican chiles to Pawpaws ... an inquiry for recipes with some recipe links and info.