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Jul 2, 2007 08:37 AM

need help on some crabs

good morning my wife and I went early season crabbing this past weekend not many about 30 6-8" had them in a large bucket kept cool for the day on our boat then place them in a large bucket iced over with 3 large bags of ice drained the water a few time to prevent drowning for about a 6 hour trip came home iced cold no movement the question is even if they died iced and were then immedialty frozen ok to eat.....
appeared to be perfectly a o k just want to make sure

please advise that would be great
have a great 4th
count De Money

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  1. Eating dead crabs is never a good idea!

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    1. They shouldn't be spoiled and won't make you sick if you have kept them constantly chilled. People buy, cook and eat dead softshells that have been cleaned at fishmarkets, don't they? The texture is ruined for eating steamed however so forget that.
      You can use them for gumbo crabs. Remove the backs and the icky stuff inside. Some people remove the legs. Break them in half and add them to a gumbo. The meat will fall out and add to the richness of the broth.
      This is valid IF and ONLY if they have been iced and constantly cooled since you caught them. If they smell funky - or any funkier than crabs normally do - pitch them.

      1. Which of our coasts are you on? What kind of crabs are you talking about?