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Jul 2, 2007 08:15 AM

Best greasy egg & cheese sandwich

Every now and then, depending on what I did the night before, I wake up in the morning craving a greasy egg and cheese. I have recently discovered the Broken Yolk just outside of Davis Square (love their stuff), but it can be pretty crowded on weekend mornings. Any other suggestions in Cambridge, Somerville, Medford, and even Boston?

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  1. I hear you my brother. Sometimes I wake up that way too.... here's what I do.

    1. Call Soundbites and order an egg and cheese on english muffin to pick up. Avoid the lines, waltz in and grab your breakfast sandwich and go.

    (Guilty pleasure ... sometimes I will grab a sausage egg and cheese on toasted sesame bagel from Dunkin. It does the trick.)

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    1. re: yumyum

      not that greasy, but my new favorite egg sandwich is at the toscanini's brunch (saturdays and sundays, 10-2), the fried egg sandwich with spicy mayo (rouille). i think there might be cheese in the sandwich . . . ?

    2. It's not necessarily as greasy as you may want, but our weekend egg sandwiches come from Sarah's Market, at the corner of Concord and Huron in Cambridge. They use the big sandwich-size Thomas' English Muffins, and give the sandwiches a shot in the broiler to make sure the cheese is fully melted.

      I also like the egg sandwiches at Bagels by Us on Mass Ave in Arlington. The bagels get mixed reviews on Chowhound, but toasted with the sandwich they are pretty good-- there's a slightly-less-than-liberal shake of pepper on the egg, just the right amount for my taste.

      1. My favorite is the bacon, egg and cheese on brioche from Rachel's Kitchen in Bay Village.

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        1. re: Blumie

          FYI, I went by Rachel's this morning and they're closed until 7/9. The "Road Trip" sign on the door said they were going to Wisconsin, where one of the owner's is from. (I'm pretty sure it said Wisconsin.) Good for them. Still longing for breakfast, I headed to Charlie's and they are closed for the next 2 weeks. SO,.... starving with visions of the brioche sandwich and turkey hash dancing in my head, I settled for The Garden of Eden, BIG mistake. I ordered a ham and cheese omelet that was over-cooked. The ham was thin slices of deli meat instead of nice, fresh chunks of ham. The fruit on the plate was well past it's prime and the toast was cold. Because I was hungry, I ate what I could and left very disappointed. I didn't send anything back or say anything to anyone because I didn't have time, I've never liked eating there and I knew I'd never be going back. I wasn't invested enough in trying to encourage improvemnet.

          1. re: BostonBarGuy

            I remember a time, maybe four years ago, when Garden of Eden was pretty good: their sandwiches in particular were worthwhile. Then it took a sharp turn downward, with much higher prices and skimpier use of ingredients. I can't think of many places that went as quickly from being decent to being awful. It still packs them in pretty regularly, kind of a Tremont Street / South End version of a bad Newbury Street restaurant with a good patio. It's a shame.

        2. Right in the same neighborhood as Broken Yolk, Magnificent Muffin and Bagel in Teele Square makes an outstanding egg 'n' cheese. As the name would suggest, those muffins ain't too bad either.

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          1. re: finlero

            Also right in the neighborhood is the panini pressed egg and cheese at True Grounds...right accross the street from Soundbites. They take a bagel and smush it with egg, cheese and meat (if you want) on a panini press. It is FABULOUS! Plus, I love supporting this place. (Special note in my book includes that they have simple syrup for their iced beverages and make their muffins and scones in house.)

            1. re: cheesecake

              I have to give my second to the bfast food at True Grounds...LOVE this place. They stop at 1PM though, so get up "early!"

              1. re: cheesecake

                My favorite breakfast sandwich is at Alexander's located at 277 Main Street in Medford. It's called a b-bomb (breakfast bomb). It's the best $1.50 you will spend. Fried eggs with american cheese and either sausage, bacon or ham on a sub roll. You can also get it on a english muffin and on a croissant for I think $2.00. Alexander's must sell over 100 b-bombs every day!

                1. re: buffet king

                  Buffet King - thank you thank you thank you!

                  Had my first Alexander's sausage egg and cheese sandwich today. Great over-hard but not overcooked eggs, sausage, american cheese - it's gooey gooooodness.

                  At $1.50 + tax, what a deal!

              2. re: finlero

                I love their egg sandwiches so much. I find the muffins to be far too greasy, though.

              3. The bacon, egge & cheese on an iggy's everything bagel at Blue Shirt in Davis Square is my standby for grease needs.