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Jul 2, 2007 08:12 AM

Corn Query

I just posted on the General Topics board a lament over the loss of corn that tastesmore like corn than like candy-corn. I gave up on white corn years ago and sought out the increasingly difficult to find yellow stuff. You know, REAL corn: looks like corn and most importantly, tastes like corn.

At the stand that features picked-that-morning corn from Brentwood at the Marin Farmers' Market there would be yellow corn, but not every week and not in nearly the amount as the yellow stuff. Another vendor had some yellow, but when I tried it I found it too dry and mealy and without a lot of flavor. So with great pleasure, I bought from my favorite stand 6 ears of fresh yellow and found it to have gone sweet--almost as sweet as the white candy corn ears. Great juiciness and texture, but the taste was mild behind the initial smack of overwhealming sugar.

Are there still growers serving the Bay Area who grow corn that actually tastes like corn? Where is the heirloom corn movement? I hope I am not the only one who wants corn to be a dinner item not dessert.

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  1. A link to last year's sweet lawn clippings lament:

    Can anyone who's a CSA member chime in here with results on corn? I'm a bit disappointed with Eatwell lately (after the fantastic spinach this winter the veggies and fruits seem a bit pedestrian and it would be nice to get something more exciting than swiss chard). The dino kale they mention on their web site never showed up last winter, and I see "sweet corn" on the list of typical crops. Two Small Farms doesn't grow corn because of its voracious appetite for water and nutrients. Are there any CSAs out there growing the good stuff?

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      I was a very happy member of Terra Firma CSA for 2-3 years. Unfortunately a recent schedule change necessitated the subscription cancellation. Their corn varied from heavenly to ok, depending on the year and the time of the season. (Lots of corn worms towards the end). From their newsletters, I gather that corn is not the easiest crop.

      Check out Terra Firma though; fantastic tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, melons, escarole, beets....and don't even get me started on the satsumas.

    2. The best corn I found last year was a yellow su hybrid from Firme, but he's no longer coming to the farmers markets.

      Full Belly's CSA box occasionally had a halfway acceptable bicolor variety but mostly I found their corn inedible (I can't stand sh2 supersweet varieties).

      Here's a topic that started here last week and got moved to the General board: