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Jul 2, 2007 07:54 AM

Parrish Cafe in Porter? Is it true?

I was reading the boards trying to figure out where i am going to dine this evening in Porter. I live in the area between Davis and Porter and always have this difficulty trying to figure out where i am going to, i was cruising along and noticed somebody mentioned in a previous post that the Parrish cafe is coming to Rustic Kitchen's old location? I never wander over to that side of the T station, so i haven't walked by to see any signs....

is it true? anybody know when it will be open?

i think this will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. I don't know anything conclusive, but it seems rather unlikely at this point. The "space available" sign is still up in the window.

    1. I posted the original report here:

      based on an item in the Porter Square community mailing list. I've looked over the archives there and I can't see a source for this info (here, for example ). Clearly, they've missed the June opening target, and I've heard nothing more about it since February.

      BTW, I believe it's one 'r' in Parish...

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        ...ho hum.....oh well....i thought that would be a nice addition to that block. it would be great to get a place like that in there.

        thats funny that you mention the 1 R, thats what i thought it was, but wanted to make sure, so i looked it up before i posted...and saw a bunch of websites spelled with 2, so i thought i was wrong and changed it...but i just found the official website!! thanks!!!!! its 1 R!! :o)