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Best donuts in Westwood

Hey, if you gotta have them once in a while, they should be good. Can anyone recommend the best donuts in the Westwood area, please?

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  1. no brainer. stan's in westwood village

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    1. re: woofer

      Second, third, and fourth Stan's. There is no other choice. Try the raisin buttermilk bar.

      1. re: ozhead

        or the peanut butter and chocolate donut...better than a Reese's!!

        1. re: GK in SO

          i agree...it's freakin' delicious!

          1. re: nancyxo

            I've said it countless times before: With the utmost respect for Stan's terrific chocolate-peanut butter donut, I recommend that you humbly skip past it and instead get his chocolate chip-peanut butter-BANANA option. The addition of chunks of fresh banana transforms an already great donut into a phenomenal stroke of genius unlike any I've tasted anywhere. Elvis surely would have approved.

            1. re: Arthur

              Wow, I am not even a donut fan and yet this sounds amazing....is this like a "bar" type donut?

              1. re: running pig

                No, it's a round donut, yeast-type (not cake type), kind of like a jelly donut on steroids.

                Check it out RP, you won't be sorry, but will probably have to run another mile or two to work it off!

    2. I like the blueberry buttermilk at Stan's too, along with the peanut butter and chocolate donut.

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      1. re: Vegasbuff

        Bottom line: there are no bad donuts at Stan's. So buy one of each.

      2. I agree with all of the praise that's been heaped on Stan's here, but with one caveat: Be advised that all of Stan's donuts are on the heavy side. If you like your donuts light and fluffy, Stan's will probably disappoint you tremendously.

        But if you're land-locked in Westwood, there really isn't any alternative to Stan's. I suppose you could head over to the Winchell's located in the strip mall on Sepulveda and Santa Monica Blvds. Otherwise, the highly beloved Primo's (on Sawtelle and National) is just a short drive away.

        1. Clearly, OP is not a Bruin. Of course it's Stans. Ditto on the blueberry ones and with coconut if possible.

          1. OK, it's clearly Stan's. Thanks everybody.

            1. stan's - they do have a website

              1. The peanut butter and banana donut at Stan's is probably the closet thing to sex.

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                1. I can't believe that no one has suggested venturing just south of Westwood to Primo's... or Royal Donuts.

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                  1. re: Emme

                    Not exactly "just south" of Westwood; at least a 15 - 20 minute drive in traffic. And though both Primo's and Royal are good, neither holds a candle to Stan's. So if you already found a place to park in Westood, why leave?

                    1. re: ozhead

                      Po-tay-to, po-tah-to :)

                      Stan's does not have anyone beat when it comes to old-fashioneds or buttermilk bars... never had a good old-fashioned there ever, and Primo's is tops for the BMB.

                      Getting way off topic now, but my fave glazed old-fashioneds in the city are at K's Donut Emporium in Sherman Oaks at Bev Glen and Ventura... I'd drive half an hour for these... and their apple fritters (chock full of apple pieces) and blueberry or chocolate chip muffins!

                      1. re: Emme

                        Is this the same K's that is in Studio City, on Ventura and Lankershim?

                        I tried their donuts, and found them rather mundane. However, I didn't try the old fashioneds or buttermilks, and would gladly do so if it is indeed the same owners, etc.

                        Also, in your expert opinion, do old fashioneds/buttermilks need to be eaten hot out of the oven, or can they sit awhile?


                        1. re: GK in SO

                          Same family ownership, but... the one in Sherman Oaks is ridiculously superior to the other two locations. The owners in S.O. are so nice and caring... Wife, husband, daughters, sister, etc. It's worth the 10-15 minutes to come to the S.O. location. I'm personally a fan of the G.O.F.'s, but I've never had a bad donut at K's...

                          I don't like them hot out of the oven for a GOF... give the glaze time to harden just a bit. I usually have 'em in the morning, so I've only had em a couple of times later in the afternoon, and while they're not quite as supreme as in the morning time, they're still pretty awesome. Were I a K's virgin, I'd go first in the morning to see if you like it before experimenting with times of day :-)