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Jul 2, 2007 07:47 AM

Telepan or Del Posto??

Have been planning our August trip for awhile now and thought one place I was set on was Del Posto. Wanted to try a Battali place and thought this best suits our one picky Mom, one not picky Dad, one pescatarian teen palattes. Now I'm wondering if I should just skip it and maybe do Telepan instead. We will be staying in Times Sq so it'd be closer and probably less expensive ( a slight concern). We will also be eating at EMP for dinner, Balthazar for a lunch Clinton St Bakery and possible Yasuda for a dinner.

Any opinions on Telepan vs Del Posto?

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  1. Hey, aviva1,

    I've not been to either but I'd probably pick Telepan over Del Posto strictly because I prefer that type of cuisine (New American) over Italian. (Telepan is on my "go to" list.) But if I were choosing an Italian restaurant, since you are staying in the Times Square area, I'd pick Insieme, the new restaurant which Hearth's chef Marco Canora recently opened. The food has been garnering universally excellent reviews, and you can walk to it since it's located in the Michelangelo Hotel, on 7th Av. & 51st St. One caution: It's closed on Sunday.

    Actually, there is a Batali restaurant in the Times Square area. That would be Esca, on the corner of 9th Av. & 43rd St. It's Italian with a marked emphasis on fish and seafood. In fact, the chef, David Pasternack, is a fisherman and often brings into the restaurant fish he has caught himself off Long Island. To be perfectly honest, I'm not an Esca fan, but there are many Hounds who love it (Paging steve h.!), so you might want to consider it.

    Btw, I am a huge fan of Eleven Madison. You have some great dining ahead of you during your August visit. Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

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      ive never been to del posto (and have no inclination to go) but telepan is excellent and comfortable. even my very picky father enjoyed everything. the space is very comfortable and friendly, service was professional and accurate, and the food was delicious. only complaints were possibly the size of the portions but for 4 courses for $59, you really cant complain. we were definitely full at the end of the meal. bill telepan is very friendly and spent some time talking to us when he was making the rounds.

      clinton street baking company is good but very crowded for weekend brunch. lots of people put there names down and end up leaving so the line moves quickly though.

      as for yasuda, its the best...absolutely amazing...but unless you're at the sushi bar, id probably say its not worth it. if it's just 3 of you and you love (LOVE) the best cuts of fish from all over the world, then its a must. the chefs are very friendly so dont feel intimidated. you simply tell them what you enjoy most and they'll give you pieces throughout your meal.

    2. howdy aviva1,

      i have to echo rgr's and sam1's recommendations: telepan is a worthy destination; esca is a superb seafood destination (insist on the crudo tasting); and sushi yasuda will probably be the most memorable of the three. haven't been to del posto yet.

      regarding esca, try to slot your reservation so you miss the theater crowd. shoot for 7:30 or so. yasuda is a serious destination. try to sit in front of the master himself.

      1. Since no one seems to have really answered your direct question, I would recommend Telepan over Del Posto. I really liked Del Posto, although I ate in the enoteca rather than the restaurant proper. We got the four course prix fixe there, so we got to sample three different pastas and secondi, some on the regular menu and some not. Everything was delicious and well prepared. That stated, I think Telepan is a knock out and one of the best restaurants in the city. The decor is not spectacular (some people like it some don't; I think it's fine without being especially memorable), but the food is. The trout appetizer, duck entree, and anything with eggs that I have had have all been outstanding. There are lots of places for good Italian in New York, and while Del Posto is an interesting experience in over-the-top design, I would definitely choose Telepan. If you want Batali food, split a pizza, a pasta and a bottle of wine at Otto for lunch or a midday snack after walking around the Village.

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        1. re: jdmetz

          I just had a delicious meal at Telepan last Friday. Very lovely.

        2. Our favorite is Del Posto. The atmosphere is beautiful. The food and service is superb.
          I am one fussy mom too and you can take me there any time. :-)