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Jul 2, 2007 07:28 AM

Buz & Ned's, Richmond VA...Jump the Shark?

I've been an advocate of Buz & Ned's for years....on Chowhound and in person. In the winter, we have Buz & Ned's parties on average of twice a month where we get a bunch of ribs, BBQ and mac and cheese for about 10 people or so. The staff has always seemed a bit disinterested in customer service, but that was accepted as part of the experience. In the past, I've called either a day or two before hand to place our order and picked it up mid-afternoon the day of the party (with the exception of NY Day when we get it the day before).

Hubby was talking to friends this week who had never had the ribs, so wanted to have ribs & mac and cheese for them on Sunday. I call Saturday morning about 10 and Buz answers and I tell him I need 5 racks of baby backs and 1 rack of beef ribs and 4 quarts mac and cheese for Sunday. He says he can't guarantee they'll have anything available for take out on Sunday and that now he requests 7 days notice for such orders. I offered to give him a credit card number to pay in advance. No dice. Instead I get a lecture on how ribs don't take an hour to make...yada, yada. I then asked him what our options are. He said he was preparing ribs which would be ready after 12 and he could prepare ours and give them to us cold to prepare on Sunday. Okay fine. So hubby went at 3 Saturday to pick up the ribs for Sunday and said they were already out of a lot of food, people were wating over an hour for their orders, etc.

I think The Throwdown episode has been both a blessing and a curse. And for me, my days of recommending Buz & Ned's are behind me.

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  1. I'm not sure about jumping the shark here. I was there while visiting Richmond in the spring and the second I walked in I was asking the rest of my party to leave immediately. No such luck. After eating, Spouse and I were really wishing they had paid attention to me.

    I'm sorry to offend you if you're a fan of theirs, but this was some of the sorriest excuse for 'cue I've ever eaten. I believe I've gone into greater detail in a previous post. Sorry, but it was just plain bad. And while I am a strong partisan of NC BBQ, both eastern and western, I most definitely wouldn't refuse Texas brisket or Memphis ribs.

    As they say, this dog won't hunt.

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      Rockycat, agree with you 100%, Buz & Ned's is a joke, their food, service and poor excuse for a dining area.

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        Buz & Neds has not jumped the shark, how could it, it is so bad that they unalbe to swim.