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Jul 2, 2007 06:58 AM


We had a good meal at Resto last night. Being a Sunday evening, we weren't looking for anything too exciting or heavy. Two of us opted for the Natural Moules Frites, one of us had the lobster and lamb appetizers instead of an entree, and one had the burger. All were very high quality and tasty. We tried the waffle, strawberry shortbread, and chocolate/nut deserts which were really fantastic. Having lived in Belgium for a while, I was very happy with their beer selection and had a Corsendonk Dark. We sat at the table near the windows which was great. It seemed a little noisy deep in the restaurant, but that can be fun too. The pressed ceiling reminded me of a typical Belgian restaurant, so it was somewhat transporting.

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  1. I only went one for brunch and it was very good. I had the hangover pasta and it was a nice tasty version of spaghetti carbonara. i saw a bunch of people get the burger and it looked great (not to mention I read that they grind pork fatback into the burger). Did the burger live up to the hype?

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      hmmm. I wondered why it tasted so good.

    2. what was the service like? The two times I've been the service has been painfully slow and mistake-ridden

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        Our waiter was good. One of the staff spilled beer all over me, and then didn't tell the waiter, which wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I can't say that was a systemic problem.

      2. The burger was excellent. I loved the meatballs more though. :)