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Jul 2, 2007 06:56 AM

Coffee Shop in Westchester w/ WiFi?

Hi all,

I'm a stay at home mom, but I'm starting up a small business and am looking for a quiet place to work when my mother-in-law comes to babysit the bambino.

I'm looking for a place where I can get some iced tea and a muffin, and hang out for a while using my laptop. I'm in Hastings, so southern westchester would be best. Anyone know of a place around here? I can always go to the library, but it's more fun being able to sip and snack while I work. :)

The Pie Queen

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  1. I always see tons of studiers lined up in the window with their laptops at Atlanta Bread Company in City Center, White Plains. I assume there must be wi-fi there too to attract such a grouping.

    1. I think Panera Bread in Portchester has free WiFi and from what I understand Starbucks has it but you have to pay for it (not sure about the pricing). Isn't there an area in Borders Books in White Plains where you can connect inside their coffee shop. I would call to find out but I'm pretty sure I've seen it there also.

      1. Cosi also has free wi-fi and also McDonald's will give you the first few hours free.

        1. Slave to the Grind in Bronxville is probably the best because they have great coffee and tea, and great muffins (Grandpas Yogurt Muffins!!!!), and the best, fudgiest brownies ever! They also have other delicious baked goods!
          I also saw a sign for free Wi-Fi at the Dunkin Donuts on central ave in Yonkers right in the shopping strip next to Nathans

          1. The Black Cow in Croton has great coffee, tea, muffins, and free WiFi. It's a bit out of your way (half hour drive from Hastings HS), but it's a nice funky friendly place and you'll also make some friends if you're feeling sociable.

            They also play really good music, of the WFUV sort.

            From Hastings, take the Saw Mill north to the Taconic exit, then the second exit after that to the 9A/100 north exit. Stay on 9A for about 8 miles, through three lights. After the third light, 9A has a steep descent and merges into Rte. 9. Take the second exit on Rte. 9, called Rte. 129. Right at the end of the exit ramp, straight through two lights into a small shopping center. Park anywhere on the left of the entrance. The Black Cow is in the front on the way left.