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Jul 2, 2007 06:43 AM

Donna da vin

I went to donna da vin last night in Boerhum Hill, it was excellent! We had wine and desserts. Has anyone gone for the food?

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  1. never had the food but im very into this place...had some excellent wine here...nice space, nice service.

    1. I ordered the sliders when I was there and they were very good. I can't remember what my friends had, but they enjoyed their entrees. Sadly, neither of them were impressed by the wine. I was drinking beer so I can't really comment, although I had a sip of my friend's wine and it tasted like vinegar. The back garden is lovely and the service was friendly and efficient.

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        The second rose on the menu is good and the peach sparkling white wine is soooo refreshing!

      2. I've had a couple tapas-style dinners there. Good and (obviously, one would hope) wine-friendly food (e.g. the homemade pickles have no to little vinegar, with more of the flavor coming from sweet spice [clove IIRC]) at what seems to me entirely reasonable prices. Have sampled most of the tapas and a few of the cheeses; everything was pretty solid. Haven't tried to entrees.