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Jul 2, 2007 06:38 AM

Black Olive or Brass Elephant?

Looking for a romantic dinner and can't decide between the two. We've never been to either and are looking for a suggestion. Thanks.

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  1. If I was choosing for a romantic dinner, it would be Brass Elephant hands down. I love the food at the Black Olive, but have had continual service problems there -- not conducive to romance.

    1. My husband took me for a romantic birthday dinner at Black Olive and the next year the Brass Elephant. I thought the food at Brass Elephant was only so-so, and way too so-so for the price. The place was eerily empty the night we went. Black Olive, on the other hand, was impeccable. We didn't face the service problems others have mentioned, and when they overhead it was my birthday they brought us complimentary glasses of champagne.

      1. Every time I've eat @ the Black Olive the service has been deplorable to offensive (m ost recently: we were perusing the wine list for a second bottle and asked for a recommendation; in my experience you generally try and stay w/in the price point by a few dollars. We were directed to wines that were three times the price of what we were drinking ($40/$50) and when we decided to then stay w/ the wine we'd be drinking, we got attitude for it.) The food however, was very good.

        The Brass Elephant service tends to be cold and efficient and as other's have mentioned, the food overpriced.

        Having said that, I'd go w/ the former and hope you get a good server.

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          We had the same experience at the Black Olive - bad service (not friendly or helpful in any way - cold actually). It's been a few years so I can't remember what we had, but I remember thinking that it was good but not worth the cost and definitely not worth the attitude (we were left feeling bad after the meal - not a good thing).
          Maybe things have improved, but I'm afraid to go back!
          It's been years since I've eaten at the Brass Elephant - it was OK but certainly not stellar. Are they your only two choices? If so, guess I might agree with aussiewonder and pray that you have the experience of sweetpotater!

          1. re: sistereurope

            I totally agree, also. We don't go out to restaurants in the Black Olive's price range often, and had a fairly unpleasant experience when we were there a few years ago. While I remember the food being good, it was far from memorable meal. What I do remember, however, is a totally cramped dining room and really terrible and unprofessional service. I also remembered that I would never return, and that I felt more than slightly ripped off.

            1. re: baltoellen

              The really sad thing about it is that my first visit was flawless. We had an excellent server who was incredibly friendly and helpful. We raved about it to some friends, and went back a couple of weeks later. He's not a fish eater, so he chose the tenderloin medium rare. It came out just this side of well done, and when he went to complain our waiter was nowhere to be found. We eventually had to flag down another server just to get someone to pay attention to us.

              On my next visit I suggested it to some business colleagues, and had pretty much the same rude and inattentive service. It was embarrassing. I haven't been back since.