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Jul 2, 2007 05:54 AM

Kid friendly Copley Square and near Children's Museum?

Neice and Nephew coming to town this weekend (2 yo girl and 4 yo boy) and will be staying at the Westin in Copley Plaza. I'm hoping to avoid (for semi-selfish reasons) boring chains, but obviously priority is to go to a place where we're welcome and there are "kid friendly options". So far from past threads I've come up with:
-Charley's Eating & Drinking Saloon
-Summer Shack
Would love your suggestions...would prefer to avoid public transportation with the double stroller, but we can walk far. Also, what is good for lunch near the Children's Museum? Thanks as always...

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  1. I work near the Children's Museum and there aren't a lot of options. On Farnsworth Street, one block up, is Flour Bakery, a great artisan style place that gets lots of kudos on this board and has a few kid specials but be warned it's pricey and verrrrry slow at lunch time. Hidden away a little further down Farnsworth is Yada Yada Cafe, a charming spot with friendly owners (an Albanian family) and very homey foods, I sometimes bring my 7 year old there when she visits Dad at the office. There's also the Barking Crab clam shack past the Seaport Blvd. bridge, mediocre food but nice atmosphere, especially on a sunny day. Avoid the boring chain Finagle a Bagle if at all possible. On the other hand, the new Au Bon Pain right in the Museum is actually pretty good for a chain and very convenient.

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        Summer Shack actually has a very kid friendly menu. hot dogs, corn dogs and other summer type fare.
        It gets panned on this board quite a bit but I think it would be a great spot for the kids.
        FYI there is a Chili's in the Copley mall adjacent to your hotel.
        May be necessary for a 911 french fry fix.

        The Seaport is a tough spot but the Crab or the Eastern Pier chinese place may work. Both on the water which may keep the kids amused.

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        It's been a while since my kids were little but I know that the Trident over on Newbury St. is kid friendly for the time when you are hanging out near Copley. All those books are a nice distraction for the kids. When my bother's three little daughters came to visit (7, 5 and 2) we had a very nice meal there and I think we left with a paperback or two, as well.

      3. If your in the Common/Public Garden/Beacon hill for Lunch, try Upper Crust pizza on Charles St. My kids love the pizza and the big table and watching the guys roll out the dough.

        Just FYI, the T is quite easy with a double stroller, except for the green line surface stations which can be tougher if you get an old style car. Most elevators are working, and with a bit of practice you can use the escalators as well. Busses are more challenging but certainly doable.

        1. For a more upscale experience, The Bristol Lounge, at the Four Seasons Hotel, is a great option with little kids. In addition to regular dining tables, they have numerous coffee tables with sofas and chairs, which I always found more tolerable for little kids (i.e., they can lean back on the sofa or kneel down at a coffee table-height table and color with the crayons that the place will provide). Being that it is in a hotel, they are very accustomed to accommodating children. And the food is REALLY good.

          1. Whatever you do avoid Charley's at any cost, that place is just awful.

            1. Just wanted to give a re-cap of what we decided to do. On Friday night we went to Atlantic Fish Co. on Boylston - they couldn't have been nicer/more accomodating to the kids. The food was really fresh and tasty. On Saturday night we went to Summer Shack - we knew we weren't going for a culinary experience, which it wasn't, but the kids were thoroughly entertained by the lobsters. Both places were wonderful at honoring the exact time of our reservation and having high chairs available already at the table. At the children's museum we just ate at Au Bon Pain, which was great because it was there.