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Jul 2, 2007 03:11 AM

Do you feel strongly about the perfect cracker?

Toppings aside is there one cracker that just hits your happy palate place better than another?
I have had this on going beef with my boss about the best cracker. He is a Ritz fan and thinks there is no better cracker. He loves the rich buttery flavors and flakey texture of the Ritz cracker and I have always been put off by the things he loves about them. Too rich and too buttery and if you have to bite the cracker in half....FORGET about it, you are left with a lap or table full of crumbly butter bits...ick.

My husband was a Wheat Thins fan, he liked the sweetness, size and crunch it was his go to cracker for years...before I made him see the error of his ways. (only because they were different than mine..heh) I had to change his cracker preferance because I could not handle the upfront sweetness of Wheat Thins...I'm a savory girl what can I say.

For me the end all be all of mass produced crackers is the Triscuit! Salty, toothsome, savory mouth full of fiber goodness. Bring on the cheese, spreads, cured meats, pickley stuff and my beloved Triscuit can not only handle the flavors, but if you choose to bite it in half the half you want in your mouth is there and the other half is intact in your fingers, I am sitting here at 3 am with thin slices of cotswold cheese and my lovely salty Triscuits washing them all down with a dry Rose from Oregon and I'm as happy as a clam..Ohhh ghetto clam dip from the 80's would be amazing on these too!

So Chowhounds, what cracker does it for you?

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  1. My favourite commonly available, commercially made crackers (boy, did I cover my ass on that) are Stoned Wheat Thins. Still, good bread/good toast beats any cracker.

    1. Carr's whole wheat crackers. they are so sweet, they're almost cookie-like. bubbles4me, you won't like them, except maybe as dessert, but with a little cream cheese, they are the perfect breakfast.

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      1. re: rudysmom

        I love these with a slice of sharp cheddar and a dab of Branston Pickle.

      2. I love those Carr's whole wheat crackers, too. Also, these Dr. Kracker flatbreads are my latest obsession:

        I buy them at my local co-op, but they have them at Whole Foods, too.


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          1. re: beevod

            Though they're best when smothered in melted cheese...

        1. Triscuits and bits of cheese.

          A aged Gruyère, sharp cheddar or inexpensive blue go best at 3:00am.

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            Carr's Table Water Biscuits and so thin and pure - I did a caviar-tasting extravaganza for my father's 80th birthday. Ran out of blini and resorted to Carr's - they delivered the flavor of the caviar more directly than the lovely little buckwheat rounds.

          2. I spread my brie on...Trader Joe's Pepper/Poppy Water Crackers, and Arnott's - an Australian company - makes the very best light buttery salty cracker called Jatz - I order them from Australian Products Company - they are that good. They also make a wonderful water cracker that is available state side in some specialty stores and Amazon.