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Jul 2, 2007 12:29 AM

Best Vegas restaurant dessert menu?

Planning my 30th bday celebration in Vegas for Labor Day Weekend. Instead of a totally pricey dinner, I'm thinking of first a less expensive meal someplace (possibly Lotus of Siam), then a DESSERT FEAST at a restaurant on the Strip. Dessert is what I really want anyway.

But which restaurant has the best dessert menu? Mario Batali's sounded really good, for instance. Wherever I go, I will probably order one of everything. Okay, maybe that will end up costing as much as a pricey dinner, but it will be worth it.

I do want a restaurant, not a dessert-only cafe/patisserie or ice cream/gelato place. This will be the Monday of Labor Day weekend probably, so I'm hoping crowds won't be an issue.

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  1. The dessert at Bradley Ogden is incredible! Very artistically presented and enjoyable. Their bar/lounge seating is very comfortable and quiet, if by chance the restaurant is full, but I doubt it will be.

    1. I think you should consider Emeril's at the MGM - while I'm not the biggest fan of the food, their desserts are wonderful, especially the banana cream pie. Sorry but I can't remember all the other desserts but I know I've tasted them all as part of a tasting menu where we were served full-sized portions of every single dessert - spectacularly tasty if not particularly refined.

      1. Great desserts to be found at SeaBlue, Simon's Kitchen, and Postrio.

        One bit of advice - wherever you decide to go, call ahead first. A lot of restaurants will not seat a party in their dining room for dessert only if that's what you're looking for. It probably won't be an issue at the bar or a lounge if available.

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          oh yes, I was definitely planning to call ahead. That's why I'm looking for ideas 2 months in advance.

          Emeril's menu sounds SOOOOO good. I'll keep that on my list.

        2. Aureole is also worth a look before you make your final decision. In additional to the regular menu you can ask if they have their hand-made chocolates available on that particular day (it makes for a wonderful close to the evening with a nice single malt). But even when the chocolates are not available the dessert menu brings a lot of creativity.

          1. A little late, but I am reporting back... Decided to go for dinner and dessert in the same place. As the size of my party grew, it was just a lot easier that way. I ended up choosing Emeril's which everyone enjoyed.
            The banana cream pie is insane, I don't know how anyone can eat that whole thing! The filling was good but so rich.
            I had the sweet potato bread pudding which was very good. Attaching a picture, sorry it's dark.
            I tasted the flourless chocolate cake with Godiva liqueur milkshake--wonderful to taste, but maybe too chocolatey for me to eat just that.

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              Thanks for reporting back. The banana cream pie is perfect for two or three people to share for dessert - have done both. I would never want to eat the whole slice, too fattening, even if I could manage it which I couldn't.