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Best Crab house in Miami, Ft Lauderdale even Palm Beach vicinity

Which places would you recommend for best crab house...we've seen some ads in the tourist guides for Rustic Inn Crabhouse but wasnt sure if it was a local authentic good place or not.

We live in the DC area so we've had Maryland crabs and been to crabhouses there but would like to check out one great crabhouse in south florida area---not sure the difference in flavor, price, etc between alaskan king crabs and maryland crabs (aside from size) or other types of crabs that may be local to the Florida region.

Reasonably priced would be great, doesnt have to be fancy ;)


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      They don't serve stone crabs during the summer though, in case you were planning to go in the near future. I believe the season starts up again on October 15th.

    2. Rustic Inn has the goods. It's been there for 50 years.

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        I love Rustic Inn. So does Barbra Streisand!!

      2. I'm from Maryland and I think you will be disappointed in Rustic Inn. I was. Not much crab meat. Mostly filler. I'd love to know where they have good crab cakes down here when you find them.

        So far, the best I've found were at the Two George's in Boynton Beach.

        1. I also think you'll be disappointed. For me nothing beats the Blue Crabs in Savannah, GA.

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            Price's Seafood, Water Street in Havre De Grace, Maryland. By far, the best. Born in MD, and lived in DE as well. I moved back to South Florida and there are no restaurants with good blue crabs as of yet. Sambo's in DE is good too.

          2. thanks everyone for your responses...my bf and i actually ended up opting for rustin inn and LOVED it...

            we got the king crab legs which were huge and SO MUCH CRAB MEAT we thought that when we go back to maryland blue crabs theyre going to look teeny and lots of work for so little meat =X

            The golden crabs were amazing and super super sweet in flavor too...


            1. I'm from D.C. and I can tell you there's a BIG difference between the way they serve blue crab cakes in Maryland and the way they serve them in Florida. Rustic Inn was disappointing. OK, there's the history of the place, but they just didn't serve crab cakes the way I like them. I finally found some really good ones at Cap's Place in Lighthouse Point (near Pompano) after nine years. Don't miss Maryland, anymore. :)

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                Ditto on Rustic Inn. We are heading there tonight for the Golden's!! Can't wait. Dip them in some Old Bay Seasoning.

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                  They were out of the Goldens but I had some amazing Dungeness. Lot's of meat. The Key Lime Pie was very good too last night. My husband had the soft shell's and really enjoyed them as well.

              2. I would recomend Riggins in Lantana i have taken a few Marylanders here and they all love it


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                  Does Riggins have steamed blue crabs? What size and where from? I'm starting to get encouraged.. Love soft shells but only if they are pan sauteed and not fried.

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                    When in season they do i usually go for regular seafood or a crab cake but the friends i have taken there love it and say its like being in Baltimore the have the menu online and i know my Aunt from Maryland had the soft shell crab and loved it but i dont know how it was prepared


                2. I am from Maryland and this was a difficult process for my fiance and I to figure out, but being a seafood snob, this is THE BEST blue crab experience in the area. Show up at Two Bills around 10:00 AM on a Saturday (they have them everyday, but from experiences, they are better on Saturday than Sunday). Call in advance and bring a cooler with you. They sell blue crab by the pound for around $4/pound, we usually eat them every Saturday and we spend about $40.

                  They have old Bay there and purchase a steamer (Tamalee or otherwise) from Target. Add 2 beers to steamer warm up some, in seperate bowl do equal parts old bay and coarse Kosher salt (purchase from any publix). Once beer is at room temperature or above, start adding crabs stomach side down, so their backs line the circumference of the pot and add the last crab in the middle (aprox 5 per layer). Add old bay and coarse salt mix, repeat until you have about 1 doz.
                  Cover pot and adjust heat to high for a rolling boil. Keep steaming until the the top crabs are red and the white cholesterol/mustard is coming out of the back or face (aprox 20 min). Repeat for a great afternoon of MD tradition.

                  two bills
                  4501 SW 44th Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314

                  1. Everyone here is right, Miami is not comparable to the DC/Maryland shore style crabs/crabcakes other when our stone crab claws are in season and they can be found at most restaurants with Joe's Stonecrabs on South Beach as the most well known place for them or at local grocery stores etc. Stone Crab season is Oct 15 - May 15 only. But, If you love seafood, South Florida is known for conch, snapper, dolphin, swordfish, grouper etc where as where you live crabs or mussels are the coveted item. I personally think that hog snapper or yellow tail snapper are the best fresh catches of the day in Miami. For a real treat that is authentic caribbean style here in Miami, a whole fried snapper at a local cuban restaurant is pretty amazing. As a native Miamian, I'd suggest seeking out the best fish/seafood in the area you want to stay rather than focusing on crabs unless you want stonecrabs which are generally very high priced even in more casual restaurants, but very yummy either cold with a mustard sauce or hot and steamy with drawn butter.