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Jul 1, 2007 10:21 PM

Any good Indian food in downtown LA for lunch?

Gill's doesn't count... it's bad for lunch, but dinner is a different story.

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    Here's a link to a post I wrote earlier tonight about an Indian hole in the wall on 23rd St just east of Hoover... not downtown but not too far away.

    1. Why is Gill's bad for lunch? I ask because I've only tried dinner there.

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      1. re: moorghen

        I actually think Gil's lunch, while it is a somewhat generic "all you can eat Indian buffet", is, for a place outside of Artesia, pretty good, and still one of the great lunch deals downtown. They do a big enough volume that the tandoori and naan is pretty close to right out of the tandoor, the service is pretty accomodating... what's not to like?

        1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

          maybe i've been spoiled by the quality of their curry dinners, but the way they make their curry for lunch is a lot less tasty and less heavy (in the flavor dept like butter). i guess since they're making it in bulk for lunch buffet, it can't compare to their dinners.

          also wasn't too fond of the service. we had a party of 5 guys for lunch and they'd give us like 3 pieces of naan and when we asked for more they'd give us like 2 at a time (so we had to ask like 4 more times).

          On the upside, their naan is excellent :).

          1. re: lapchern

            Well can't you order off the regular menu for lunch? They do seem to get backed up on the naan as I remember. We would sometimes order extra at the start. My coworkers including several SE Asians used to like it just fine. Of course if you're getting the buffet you can't expect everything to be exactly as you prefer it.