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Jul 1, 2007 10:06 PM

Martick's French Restaurant in Baltimore

Can anyone give me a recent update on Martick's? I think I'd like to check them out, but it's sometimes difficult because my primary dining partner (my Fiance) is sort of a snob about restaurants. I want to feel the waters a little first and hear some recent opinions on the experience.

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  1. If by "sort of a snob" you mean she's not prone to funky establishments, then I'd steer clear of Marticks and head up to Petit Louis in Roland Park (if you're looking for French). Or down south to Annapolis, to Les Folies Brasserie.

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      What kind of snob is your Fiance? Is she the kind of snob like me who delights in telling his New York dining friends about this quirky place that no knows how long it will continue to exist? About Morris sitting at the table with us when I finally bring my friends there and Morris jokes about the articles that all say " oh, you better get over to Martick's before he kicks the bucket". The boulliabasse is still good. If you go early you may be lonely in the dining room but the experience is incomparable.

    2. I went with a group of friends a few months ago, after wanting to try the place for a long time. I like funky, but this was more musty than funky. I don't mind attitude or whatever; the service was fine. But it all comes down to the food, and on nearly all counts, it failed. Desserts were good, bouillabaise and pate were decent-to-good, and everything else (four different entrees) was awful. I mean awful.

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        I've eaten there on several occasions in the past year and always found the food to be good. Stellar french? No. But the food has been good and tasty and reminds me of the sort of french food one's family (if they were french) would make: good, honesty, tasty and comfortable. It def has Balto charm to it, but w/ a french flavour!

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          I felt like every dish had the same (icky) sauce poured all over it. The side vegetables were almost airplane-like in their blandness.

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            Martick's has been around for awhile, and people tend to either really like it or really don't. Search this board for past reviews and decide for yourself. Bon appetit!

      2. As a friend reminded me last night: you have to LOVE butter!

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          I am the origional poster. I have decided that we "are" going to check out Matrick's this weekend. Curiosity has gotten the better of me and I have a neighbor who has not been there since 1972, so the 3 of us are going for dinner. I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering what it would have been like to go there.

            1. re: hon

              Snakeskin wall paper, stainless steel walls, flickering lights. How can you not love that place. Please be careful getting in. Maybe call from your car so you are not standing on the sidewalk too long. Do you all go to restaurants just for food? Uh oh maybe that's the wrong question.

              1. re: baltimorejim

                We did it. We went to Martick's. The outside of the building looks like a dive - just as I thought it would. The inside is actually charming. It sort of looks like an artsy bistro in Boston and it's nice and clean. Of the three of us my neighbor loved the food, I thought the food was satisfactory and my Fiance did not like the food. The service was very good. Morris Matrick made an appearance to make sure everybody in the dining room was happy, but he wasn't overly conversational. If you want to go there and check them out for yourselves, you'd better hurry up - Morris is 83 and I have a feeling that if someone offered him a bunch of money for his property he'd have to consider.

        2. Morris Martick is back at the stove. French, country style pate is available for pick up by the loaf for the holidays. You stll have to call in advance and knock on the door, but for the effort you will receive a loaf of fine pate to take home and delight you inner chow-hound...Also available - Peach "clafouti" a custardy bread pudding with a crust of butter,
          brown sugar and cinamon...Pate serves 12. Peach Clafouti serves 12-14. 410-752-5155.

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          1. re: chefbook

            Does this mean the restarant is back open?? Please be the case. Or is he selling signature dishes to go?

            1. re: poached

              He's just selling stuff to go.