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restaurant week: USC, Gramercy Tav or Gotham

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I am trying to make a decision for restaurant week. I am not a big man of fish or seafood and I am a little bit difficult because I am allergic to legumes and walnuts. I was wondering if anyone has any opinions on which of the following would be the best choice for lunch during restaurant week (an indication of how formal/dress would also help)... Union Square Cafe, Gotham Bar and Grill or Gramercy Tavern.

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    1. Then Grammarcy Tavern, followed by USC for lunch at the bar.

      1. You would probably be happy with any of them (Where ever you can get a reservation) but Gotham does have a good lunch deal ($24?) all year so it might not be as special. As for dress, none of them would be formal for lunch, though Gramercy would probably be the most formal. No shorts, but you probably would feel comfortible in nice jeans.

        1. went to the tavern after the bruni review, had a disapointing experience... im still contemplating my review. in very short; one third of the dishes were not edible, the service was lacking. we all thought it was because we didnt dress traditionally (though we were all wearing $100+ shirts and diesel jeans...) $480 later, the three of us decided we will never go back. coming to think of it, i would try it again for a "restaurant week" amount.

          1. GB&G, GT and USC are extremely popular RW choices. Checking OpenTable, at this point, indications are that all three are fully booked though if you call the restaurants, they do have waiting lists.

            As has been mentioned, Gotham's 3-course lunch prix-fixe is available year round. It is limited to two choices per course, and cost is a bit more than during RW -- $27. You can see the current menu here: http://www.gothambarandgrill.com/prix...

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              Is the Tavern Room at Gramery Tavern participating in RW as well? That would be my "no reservations" choice -- get there early!

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                Yes, the Tavern Room is participating in RW. As you noted, no reservations taken.

            2. My 2 cents... I would pass on USC (for me nothing but a glorified neighborhood joint -- though it does seem that that is what pleases a lot of people these days), Gotham is interesting.. interesting food, plate design etc... GT is a good deal in RW... but chances of getting a table is slim... GT is not a OH MY GOD restaurant... never has been, never will be... it was never designed to be that... it was designed to be a nice place to go with upscale food and casual fine dining service (what has now become the norm most everywhere else... was early on GT) I have not been there since the new chef took over.. and the front room (The Tavern) used to be fun.... I would choose GT simply because they are one of the only restaurants during RW that provides a large choice as well as a gift certificate to come back before labor day (or at least they used to)... most places give you a modified menu to choose from.... not GT.. and that is very cool.... but with any place during that week... hard to have an informed, fully cooked opinion since you are not really seeing that place in all its glory... too many people... have fun where ever you go.