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Jul 1, 2007 08:07 PM

Polka's - Eagle Rock (I think)

I've been curious about this restaurant and wonder if anyone has been there lately. I read some favorable posts but they were several years old.

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  1. i haven't been there for a few months but it's always consistently good. it's a family run restaurant - husband and wife - with a very welcoming vibe. you get loads of food (and really good soup) and everything is really tasty. when i was pregnant, the only food i wanted was their beef stew. it's also super kooky inside (like eating in a thrift shop with lotsa mementos and old calendars on the wall.) it's on verdugo and york. i don't know what city it's in either. it's kinda where eagle rock meets sagamore park meets glassel park.

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      Well, the food is good enough, yet quite heavy, but worthy of trying, even a second time.
      It is in LA 90065, so that is Glassell Park if I remember correctly.

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        Yes, tucked in between the 2 Freeway and Glendale. We went just once and loved the food and the charming folks who run the place - it really feels sort of like you're in their big (but not VERY big!) living room. Dad and the kid are hanging out, keeping us company, while Mom's cooking out in the kitchen. And the food's pretty much like that, too. Unfortunately, as has been mentioned on the other version of this thread, it ain't summer food at all; it's stuff I'm probably not going to be hungry for until late October.

    2. i stopped at Polka's on a whim a few months ago after visiting friends in Adam's Hill.

      The fare is VERY heavy, unappetizingly so. The goulash seemed grisly & drowned in a gravy reminiscent of a hospital comissary or college cafeteria. The pirogis were leaden & similar to frozen gnocchi.

      not recommended.

      1. I must dissent from Zinfan. It is near my house, I go every couple of months, it is very good, and the couple who run it are about the loveliest people in the world. While it is not the best food ever made in the world, it is very good, reasonably priced, you get a lot of food, and I do believe they have some of the best soup in the city. Give it a try! I suggest the deluxe plate, which comes with a variety of entrée choices, on your first visit.

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          I've always enjoyed the food and it is reminscent of Polish families dinner tables that I experiended growing up. The food is heavy with gravies and meats but that is more or less Polish cuisine. I tend to visit during the wnter months.