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Jul 1, 2007 08:06 PM

Polka's - Eagle Rock (I think)


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  1. I like it, if that's what you're asking. It is in Eagle Rock on Verdugo Blvd. It is very good, rock solid - and heavy - Polish home cooking in a cozy little family run restaurant. Very nice people. They usually give over the back booth to their daughter who sits there with her crayons and paper or kids books. The portions are enormous. The breaded, fried chicken or pork are both excellent, the Hunter's Stew is excellent, the kielbasa are excellent - all of this, consider, within the world of simple Polish cooking - which is not by a far cry haute cuisine. With every dinner you get a soup, which is always very good, and a salad and a dessert. If you bring wine, they have no corkage and will provide glasses. If you don't bring wine and ask if they have it, they'll usually bring out a bottle of Two Buck Chuck and just give it to you. I prefer eating there in the winter to the summer - because of the heaviness of the food. But it is moderately priced and overall a pleasant experience. (Try not to look at the photo of the owners with GW Bush near the front door. It could spoil your appetite. But it doesn't seem to affect the cooking.)

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      i will go this week. haven't been there for a while, but your reminder of the photograph with the president brought a wonderful sense of presence and reality from these people. reminds me of how grateful my immigrant (legal, btw) parents were to this country that actually gave them a chance. thank you for for bringing it up. (ps: this is not supposed to be a political board, so if you have a problem with that...... bye)

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        Thanks for telling me about it - sounds like I place I would like. I'm going to try it, but not in this horribly hot weather we are having right now.

        I mistaken hit the Send buttom on my original message before I asked my question. Had to start the subject again so I could write my question. Do you know if I would have been able to delete my first attempt? I know I can't now since I got replies in both places.

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          You can edit your post within 2 hours of posting it by using the "edit" option at the bottom of the post (if you don't see that option, you're outside of that 2 hour window). Otherwise, if you'd like to delete a post, use the "Report" option to let the moderators know and we'll take care of it.