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Jul 1, 2007 07:31 PM

Cold Sandwiches & Cold Drinks

Any recommendations for COLD sandwiches and COLD Drinks? Tuna salad, Subs (Italian or Vietnamese), turkey, egg salad, and – any others? Also, any Cold drinks that are a must have in the heat of Summer?

My fav Summer drinks are Iced tea and Iced Barley. Iced barley is so cooling and refreshing that it is hard to accurately describe it, other than to say it was made for hot weather. I am going to have to try making my own iced barley because I could sip it all day and that will get expensive will no free refills like iced tea. I like the iced barley at Little Malaysia Restaurant. This one is a must try.

In the Summer time I like cold sandwiches also. One cold sandwich I like is tuna sandwich made with white meat (Albacore). It can be fresh or canned but if canned I want the water drained completely (every last drop squeezed out). Then mixed with mayo but extra points for celery, dill pickle and purple onion all diced-up very small. I have tried several Tuna salad sandwiches in the last two weeks but have not found the perfect one yet (thus I really need recs here). The problem is that I can tell when the water has not been completely removed. It dilutes the thickness and flavor of the mayo and can even make a soggy sandwich. I really do not expect to find all the ingredients I like already mixed in the tuna but if they are available on the side that would be OK. Of the several I tried I liked Rinaldi's the most, second would be The Hat and I one I disliked (never to be order again) was from Fresco’s (Frisco's was also over priced).

Two other cold sandwiches I like are Italian subs and Cold Turkey. These two are made very well at Rinaldi's using Boars Head meats. What other Cold sandwiches are good for Summer and where are they?

Original Rinaldi's (Italian combo, Meat Ball sandwich, Hot Chicken sandwich, Tuna)
323 Main St.
El Segundo, CA 90245
(310) 647-2860

The Hat
5505 Rosemead Blvd
Temple City, California 91780
(626) 292-1000

Frisco’s (Great pancakes,

Cash Only and call for the hours, Red curry chicken or shrimp, shrimp and rice, Iced Barley).
Little Malaysia Restaurant
3944 Peck Rd Ste 8
El Monte, CA
(626) 401-3188

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  1. Hi, Jeet,
    I think you can buy what you need to make iced barley at Korean markets. It's called "boricha" or "poricha." I learned this on a past thread. I happen to like that drink too, and I order it for time to time at Korean restaurants, if it doesn't come to the table first. Some places give it without one having to ask.

    I bet you could find boricha here:

    Galleria Market Incorporated
    (323) 733-3800
    3250 W Olympic Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90006

    Re. tuna sandwiches, I have no recs. My favorite subs are at Big Mo's Sub Shop in the San Fernando Valley. Mo uses Boar's Head meats and the best quality ingredients. I've been eating there since I was a kid, and it's a family favorite. I go for the hot roast beef sandwich and fries.

    Big MO Sub Shop
    (818) 884-5131
    22720 Roscoe Blvd
    Canoga Park, CA 91304

    (There are still many places that you have recommended on other threads that I would like to try, including Tops and Boca del Rio for the tostada and tacos, respectively.)

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    1. re: katkoupai

      Hi, katkoupai! Regarding the iced barley tea, you are correct: The Korean Galleria Market, both at 10201 Reseda Blvd. at Devonshire in Northridge and the one in Koreatown carry several different kinds of barley tea.

      I am also "into" iced barley tea in this heat. I just bought a red, white and blue bag, Shirakiku brand of ROASTED barley tea. The bag contains 10g x 52 bags, and has no colors or preservatives or sugars...ingredient is barley -- that's it! It was $3.99 -- that's less than $.08 for a quart of tea!

      Here is what's so great about this tea, besides the taste: put one bag in a quart of cold water, refrigerate for 30 minutes. Remove the bag (don't squeeze it when removing or the brew will be too strong and even a little too roasted) and your brew is ready!

      I saw several other brands and bags of barley tea, some organic. But read the ingredients because some are not just barley. I really like the one I just purchased in the Northridge Galleria.

      1. re: liu

        Thanks, liu. I appreciate the detailed info. I might go out and buy some myself. It's funny that you mention the Galleria Market in Northridge. That's actually the one that I frequent, but I figured the LA location would be more useful to others on the board. :)

        1. re: katkoupai

          Oh, and while you are there...
          In the cold case just to the right of the entrance are both grape juice and plum juice (Maewon). (Each is pretty $$$ at $9.99, but they go a long way, especially if you mix them with sparkling water. The grape juice is quite thick, but pure.) Then, I got a free bottle of pomegranate extract with the purchase of one of their pomegranate honeys. I have tried both and they are delicious! Then, in one of the center cold cases I found both red and green yuzu paste (in small jars). I was on a roll!

          To get back to topic, I will paste the yuzu on all of my summer sandwiches while sipping either plum or grape juice, or some iced barley tea -- maybe with a drip of pom honey! I feel like I need never shop again...I am set!

          1. re: liu

            I will look for these products the next time I go there. Thanks. :)

            I did try a Korean grape drink once that had bits of real grape in it. It took some getting used to, but it was pretty good. I forget the name of the brand, but it came in a small green can, almost like a mini-can of 7UP.

            1. re: katkoupai

              This grape juice is in a 1-litre glass bottle with Korean writing on the label. It is a product of Korea, and the company is Podomaul. It is pure grape juice (this was the attraction for me), with the ingredient list: "grape." No sugar added to this, while the plum drink might have added sugar?? But if you dilute these drinks, they are quite refreshing without being too caloric and sugary...I do care! (Whoops...I'm posting about "no sugar," and I noticed you are busy at this moment on another thread posting about your love of lard!!!)


              I'm laughing...I do mention glazed donuts in my "My Chow!" It's all about carefully selecting our vices!

              Speaking of small green cans, I do enjoy the Sencha shot in the small green can to be found in most Japanese markets...and even at Bristol Farms next to the sushi case. I find this also to be a good summer drink...and again, no sugar added.

    2. The Godmother at Bay Cities in Santa Monica.

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      1. re: whatsfordinner

        I haven't eaten at Bay Cities, but I should try it because I see many recommendations for the place and the Godmother sandwich (amongst several suggested sandwiches I've seen posted on this board). I was in the neighborhood of the local Mateo's ice cream shop and decided to try their sandwich combo. Not the greatest sandwich, however it's quite good and the "extras" that come with their combo are very fresh and healthy. Anyway the sandwich comes in 4 variations: tuna, chicken, turkey or ham. It comes on a large freshly toated roll (about a 11 inches I guess cut in two) with lettuce, tomatio, mayo, etc. Included are half an orange (cut so you can use your plastic fork to spear the pieces), a small fruit cup (various diced fruits like cantaloupe, apple, watermelon, etc. and raisins, granola, crema), and your choice of drink (various multi-fruit/vegetable juices, smoothies, or shakes) in a pretty good size cup (16 oz. I think). Everything is fresh. I tried a juice blend of 4 juices with my sandwich combo today and you could hear the juicer going. It was made then and there; no pitcher of juice that'd been sitting around. I do know Rinaldi's JeetJet....ever try the mailman sandwich? Can't give you the exact meat combination, but it has proscuitto for that salty tang. I do like the Italian combo too.
        Nice sandwiches at Normandie Bakery on Jefferson between La Brea and La Cienega. The bread is really good and fresh.

      2. Sour plum juice at Sin Ba La

        Avocado smoothie at Mr. Baguette

        And, of course, the ice cream sandwich at Diddy Riese.

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        1. re: ipsedixit

          I tried that Avacado smoothe tonight along with the Vege Ham sandwich (A great Summer sandwich) at Mr. Bagutte. The first sip seem a little strange -- cold guacamole? The second sip confirmed it was a little too sweet to be guacamole but was also too creamy. Avacado ice Cream? The next sip had me and I really began to like it. The strong taste of avacado that I sensed at first changed to a hint of avacado and the cramy sweetness began to take over. What also made it nice was it was thick and that helped it stay ice cold untill I finished it. This really is a good summer drink. Thanks again, ipse

        2. El Metate on Mentor near Colorado Blvd. has a great fresh watermelon aqua fresca.

          El Metate
          (626) 229-0706
          12 N Mentor Ave
          Pasadena, CA

          Lee's Drive-Thru in Rosemead has a great fresh carrot juice. I was not impressed with the sandwiches, though.

          Lee's Sandwiches Rosemead
          8779 East Valley Boulevard @ Muscatel Avenue
          Rosemead, CA 91770
          Phone: (626) 291-2688
          Fax: (626) 291-2626
          Open Daily: 5:00 AM - 2:00 AM
          Drive-Thru: 5:00 AM - 2:00 AM

          The bbq beef sandwich and fresh spring rolls are good at Baguette du Jour in Alhambra. The boba tea is also decent, although not the greatest. :)

          Baguette Du Jour Incorporated
          (626) 282-0109
          2436 W Valley Blvd
          Alhambra, CA

            1. re: Local

              3 of us went to Julienne for a Tuna sandwich today. Albacore with Celery, Currants, Red Onion and Sprouts on Multi-Grain Bread – $10. Today, however, they ran out of the Multi-Grain Bread and substituted a sweet Rosemary-raisin bread. The combination and amounts of the ingredients was perfect. Even the sprouts which are usually way out of proportion were just right and added a nice texture under the bread. This sandwich did not fall apart like so many do and the reason why was that the slices of bread were large enough and thick enough to hold it together. We will have this one again but I look forward to having it on the Multi-Grain Bread. The Rosemary-raisin bread was good but I want to see how much the different bread changes this sandwich. Oh, I almost forgot. All day I have been wondering how they made a fish sandwich that leaves no aftertaste? I think it has to do with freshness and balance of flavors -- Really good!

              The soup this afternoon was chilled strawberry with ginger. I did not have it because I was saving room for one large scoop of Fosselman’s Taro Ice Cream that was waiting for me a few minutes away. A tough call because Ginger is one of my favorite things. Al together a great afternoon. My Thanks, Local

              1. re: JeetJet

                No thanks necessary - glad you enjoyed it.
                Some may cringe at a $10 dollar sandwich. I thought it was definitely worth it. Exactly re your comment about what the different breads offer to the overall affect...sounds equally tasty on the rosemary bread, tho' maybe overall a bit "sweeter" than if on the multigrain and the texture - crunch (grain) vs. squish (raisins). Some of that soup would be excellent right about now!

                1. re: Local

                  That chilled strawberry and ginger soup has been on my mind since I walk away from there because the several fresh strawberries they put on the plate with my sandwich were so deep red sweet -- perfect. I will return for the sandwich again and hope they have that soup again. The Rosemary-raison bread had a solt texture but not a squish. It was was a little sweet but went well with the Abacore. The $10 price was expected two fold -- the high quality of the food and location. At lunch time I could see maybe one table inside and two outside without customers. Otherwise the place was full.

                  1. re: JeetJet

                    Bears repeating, after your description..."some of that soup would be excellent right about now!" and even if we've missed out, no doubt that they'll have something equally tasty next time. thanks for the additional info. ;-)

                2. re: JeetJet

                  We have never had anything not-delicious at Julienne's!