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Jul 1, 2007 07:29 PM

New Korean in Calgary

Seoul Korean BBQ has opened in the old Soprano's location at 4336 Macleod Trail. Had lunch there today, it has an impressive and authentic menu, lots of bbq options and combos for groups, grill at the table, eating with metal chopsticks made me feel like I was back in Pusan or Seoul. Some dishes (like spicy octopus and pork belly, and interesting soups and noodle dishes) that I haven't seen since I stopped working in Korea. Place was filled with Korean families, pretty busy for a Sunday afternoon.

Tho it has high ceilings and is airy, I would imagine it could get a bit smoky on a busy Friday or Saturday night, as they don't have fans over the bbq grills.

Didn't have the bbq, I was by myself for lunch, I tried the dolsot bibimbap (served properly in a hot stone bowl, not as hot as they would do it in Korea but they have more legal liability issues here to worry about I would think), and the seafood pancake (can't remember the Korean name, in this case a bit too much pancake, a little light on the seafood and green onion, but tasty nonetheless) and 3 side dishes: pretty good kimchi, bean sprouts and spicy turnip dish that I never did learn the proper name of, hit the spot. Free cold green tea when you sit down, full selection of drinks (licensed) including bekseju which I haven't had for a while and will try another time with friends.

The service was friendly and quite Korean, so order carefully, and things were a bit slow, so I will give it a couple of more weeks to tune up before going back with a group to try the bbq.

Promising, could be competition for Bow Bulgogi for a Korean night out, especially if the bbq works out.

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  1. hi alley. the korean seafood pancake is called Pajeon. nice to know there's more korean joints around Calgary. We too just discovered a place on 17th St in the SE with a Bibimbap buffet for $9. Came with 3 meat selections (beef bulgogi, chicken and pork), soup and salad and fruit for dessert. it was ok, but I did miss the stone bowls as they only had the metal bowls for the buffet. good value though as a bowl of bibimbap would be around $9-$12 on the regular menu of other Korean restos. they also served a very refreshing sweetish cold Korean tea at the end of the meal.

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      Thank you for the name of the pancake. Went back to Seoul BBQ today with a friend for lunch, we shared the Pajeon (better this time), and each had a lunch box special for $9 with tasty Galbi, rice, dumplings, radish, garlic stems and a salad: not crazy about the citrus dressing on the salad, but everything else was tasty, and the lunch box was very good value.

      1. re: alley

        I have been to this place and I love it! Their food is very authentic and the price is decent! Glad to see this place up and running and I'm definatly going back!

        1. re: bobthebuilder

          Has anyone tried the Clubhouse in Montgomery or "Dae Eun Jin" on 10th ave and 12th st SW?

          I like those two for my Korean fix.. How do they compare?

          1. re: taiphun

            Is the Clubhouse standard korean fare? I drive by it everyday, and wonder. I have never heard anything about it.

            1. re: alex8alot

              Yes, the Clubhouse in Montgomery is (imo) one of the better Korean places I've been to. Don't mind the non-Korean sounding name and the loud karaoke bar next door. The decor and environment isn't the best, but their food is very delicious.

              1. re: taiphun

                thanks for the tip, it just looks so foreboding that I had to ask.

              2. re: alex8alot

                I can say the Clubhouse is very good. I work their as a dishwasher. I'm not korean, but they offered me the job.

                I like the food. I'm not into a lot of it, just not my thing, but it is all good if you like korean. I myself like some of the grill items a lot. And the dumplings are fantastic

              3. re: taiphun

                I think it's called Dae Jamg Geum, I have been going there at least once a week ever since I moved here from Toronto, and I love it. It really taste like real Korean food from Korea. I think it's better than that new Korean Restaurant called Seoul BBQ. I have a friend there that waitresses at Seoul and I heard some stories.

                1. re: taiphun

                  I prefer Dae Jang Geum, I think that's how you spell it. You can table cook all the BBQ on the menu. They also have Pajeon, I thought it was pretty big, I think it's for three ppl. Tell me what you think

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            1. Don't know what the deal with this place is, but boy is it ever busy! They have coach load after coach load of people arriving all the time and seem ridiculously busy. I go the the gym next door and we always joke about how much business this restaurant is doing. As one coach leaves another is waiting. They must be doing something right in there. It won't be long until I drive to the gym and end up sat in my workout gear eating korean bbq instead.