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Jul 1, 2007 07:18 PM

Seafood on the waterfront?

Does anyone have suggestions for a nice seafood dinner on the water in Boston? My new boyfriend and I want to have a nice dinner out - but since we're both on a budget I'd like to stay around $50 per person max. I'm a fan of all things shellfish as well as a nice piece of salmon. Thanks!

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  1. If you're trying to stay on budget, don't pay for the view. Instead go to one of Boston's best seafood restaurants -- Neptune Oyster Bar -- and then take a 10 minute stroll over to the waterfront afterwards.

    1. Well, for a reasonable seafood dinner on a budget that is located on the water, I would suggest Legal Sea Foods near the Aquarium. It is on the harbor and it won't break the bank.

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        Then you should walk around the corner and have dessert at Emack & Bolio's Ice Cream. They have a beautiful location with a grand view from their outdoor tables. Better for dessert than Legal.

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          C'mon, if you had to choose between Legal Sea Foods, which, while it is on the water, doesn't have a particularly good view (especially if you're seated inside), or Neptune Oyster Bar, which is a short walk from the water, seems like a pretty easy choice to me. YMMV.

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            I'm a huge fan of Neptune, but it doesn't fit the criteria. It's not particularly romantic (maybe nostalgic) and is certainly not on the water.

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              Romantic wasn't one of the criteria! Seafood: check. Boston: check. Shellfish: check. Salmon: check. $50/pp: check. Waterfront: nope. Only missing one. Legal's checks all of the boxes, but while on the waterfront, it doesn't offer particularly good views, and it's not nearly as good as Neptune. There's no perfect fit for what the OP is looking for; she's gonna have to prioritize! But if I had a new girlfriend and wanted to take her out for a nice dinner, Neptune would be near the top of my list and Legal's near the bottom.

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                Nice dinner out with a new boyfriend implies romantic, altho not necessarily. I stand by the Meritage rec but splitting a few small plates which should be filling enough.

        2. You could get a couple small plates at Meritage in the Boston Harbor Hotel. All entrees at Sel de la Terre are $26 I think and they have a fair amount of seafood on the menu.

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            Short on atmosphere but excellent, fresh seafood prepared inches from your seat can be had at The Daily Catch in the North End. I haven't been there in a while, but the Monkfish Marsala rocked! You are pretty much sitting in the kitchen in this place, but it's an experience, and you're in the North End, so you can walk around and get dessert and then head down to the waterfront for a nightcap. Good Luck!

          2. I haven't been, but has anyone been to Oceana lately?

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              I've been to the lounge area and it was good with nice views. They change their menu frequently though so it's difficult to comment. I miss their mini trio with the tiny ceasar salad; clam chowda and mini lobster roll. Also, they didn't open the terrace this year which is really a shame.

            2. Actually, I would do the following: Go to Pier 4, order two dozen oysters, and a bottle of Krug non-vintage champagne. Stay away from anything else on the menu.

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                That alone will blow the budget.