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Jul 1, 2007 06:44 PM

Cooking with an opened bottle of red wine

How long can you keep a bottle of red wine in the 'fridge before it goes bad for cooking?

I opened a bottle of syrah a little over a week ago, drank half, sprayed in the preservative gas, stuck a cork in it and shoved it into the refrigerator. I know the other half should have been drunk, but can I cook with it? I'm whipping up another batch of marinara sauce tonight, and would love to pour in a cup or so.

What's the farthest you can push a wine and still cook it down? Any experieces? Thoughts? Guesstimates?

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  1. My opinion is as long as it is not vinegar you can cook with the wine!!

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      ditto ditto......I always use up my wine fairly quickly, one way or another. but I agree with sweetnspicy, so long as it is not vinegar, you can cook with the wine.

    2. I was experimenting with a recipe for grits that used just a tablespoon of red wine. I started with half a bottle of leftover Cotes du Rhone. I kept that going for about two months without any special measures before I broke down and drank the rest of the bottle. It was not as good as when I started but it was still good.