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Jul 1, 2007 06:37 PM

Italian for large group

Any recommendation in center city area for a nice Italian restaurant for a group of 10+ on a Friday night that isnt a BYO? Cost not important-. Good food and accomodations are most important.


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  1. I'd recommend La Famiglia, although it would be worth listening to others who do the CC restaurant scene more often. And boy howdy -hiccup- do they have a bar, a license to serve, and a nice wine collection.
    8 South Front St.

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      Here's another vote for La Famiglia.
      More earthy but a Philly institution -- The Saloon.

    2. How about Ristorante Panorama on Front & Market. Try getting a table in the downstairs. They have great wines and food is pretty good.

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      1. anyone familiar with Gioia Mia? That was suggested too.

        1. there's a pizza place on frankford avenue in mayfair. i think it seats around 20 people, but i don't remember the name. look in phonebook. best pizza ever. good luck.