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Seattle Best Brunch?

Hi everyone. I've been dying to try Seattle brunches but I'm usually too cozy to go out to eat in the am. I wind up making my own breakfast instead- c'est la vie. However, my mother in law and 14 y/o brother in law are making a trip to see us and I'd like to go to a nice Sunday brunch. Any suggestions? We will probably be paying, would like to keep around $20pp or so. I live in first hill so cap hill, dt, int district, the market, waterfront, belltown, and seattle center are walking distance. THANKS :)

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  1. I just checked out Coastal Kitchen on 15th on Cap Hill today and found it completely delightful.


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      See I always suggest this place and get bashed for it I like it too.Saltys is great if you can afford it.

    2. Coastal Kitchen is a good suggestion. I would also add The Kingfish Cafe for a Southern approach to brunch.

      1. We really enjoyed brunch at Cafe Campagne. Relaxed pace, great food, delightful space.

        1. Not a fan of Coastal Kitchen unless you enjoy long waits, poor service, and serviceable food.

          Here's the top four places I frequent in no particular order:

          Kingfish Cafe (Southern - Cap-Hil)
          Monsoon (Vietnamese - Cap-Hil)
          St. Clouds (American - Madrona)
          Geraldines Counter (American - Columbia City)

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            Agree w/ you on Coastal Kitchen. Monsoon and kingfish are great spots and I've had some great late breakfasts at Le Pichet on 1st. Does anyone know if steelhead does anything for brunch on the weekends?

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              steelhead runs a special brunch menu on weekends and it's a winner....the salmon hash is especially good and last weekend he had an unprinted special of huge squash blossoms filled with spiced goat cheese and tempura fried.

          2. My favorite is Cafe Flora (vegetarian) in Madison Valley. Always great and usually crowded. Brunch only on Sat and Sun

            1. I second the brunch at Cafe Campagne. Always solid food with good service. Le Pichet isn't bad either. However, the best brunch I've had in a long long time was at Tilth. I haven't had dinner there, but the brunch was quite nice. There was a large group of us and we ordered a variety of items from omelettes to quiches to french toast. The execution on each item was superb with taste to match. You may even be lucky enough to see Dave Matthews there. Word has it he brunches there often.

              1. I love the brunch at Etta's. I've never been disappointed. Plus, it's a nice area to take out-of-towners (Pike Place Market). Then again, Cafe Campagne is also down there. I've never tried their brunch but heard good things.

                Etta's brunch menu is available here: http://tomdouglas.com/ettas/brunch.html

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                  I like the Hi-Life in Ballard for brunch and also Cafe Campagne. Also I like dim sum for weekend brunch. I go to Jade Garden pretty much every Saturday or Sunday. Definitely I will need to try Tilth. Not for Dave Matthews in particular but because her dinners are amazing.


                2. Anybody been to brunch at the Calcutta Grill in Newcastle? How would you describe?


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                    It's good for a buffet brunch. The spread is fairly impressive, although a little shy on the seafood. They have some chilled shrimp and such, and some mediocre sushi, but not really representative of the PNW with its selection.

                    However, the prepared foods are very good. Everything is kept looking and tasting fresh (unlike Salty's), they have an omelet and pasta made-to-order station, as well as a carving station.

                    Additionally, they have a small children's brunch buffet making it perfect for families.

                    Lastly, it's stunning up there. The facility is stately and so so clean, the service is good and the views are remarkable.

                    Make reservations.

                  2. We had a nice Sunday brunch a couple of months ago at Tilth... very cozy, homey diningroom.

                    1411 N. 45th Street, Seattle, WA 98103

                    1. It's Seattle, so brunch options wouldn't be complete without a dim sum suggestion: Jade Garden in the ID is my pick (just noticed someone else had the same idea). Kingfish and Cafe Flora are good suggestions. An alternative to St. Clouds in Madrona (which is good) is the Hi-Spot, which has the advantage of having been around forever. I personally find Coastal Kitchen to be just about the most overrated place in Seattle.

                      1. you should definitely check out the brunch at 6/7 the restaurant in the dgewater hotel in downtown seattle,if your desire is a buffet brunch. great,fresh food,huge dessert table, and the location on a nice day can't be beat. you can thank me later.

                        1. So- tried coastal kitchen anyway (people waiting on sidewalk usually means it can't be too bad!). My husband & I both enjoyed it very much. We waited about 15 minutes, had a very good server, and a delightful meal. They have these egg scrambles that all sound pretty good. My hubbie went with one that had chorizo, jack cheese, and green onions. Served with dueling salsas, tomatillo and fresh tomato respectively, and some fresh tortillas to wrap it up. I chose the french toast, cut generously and dipped in an orange vanilla custard, with warm maple syrup, it rivaled Cafe Nola in Bainbridge. Although the bloody mary was not the best I ever had, it was fair. Takes alot to beat the mary at Tom Douglas' Ettas. Plan to try Cafe Campagne next. Anyone have a fave dish?

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                            At Cafe Campagne, you must get their renowned Oeufs en Meurette. Two poached eggs served on garlic croutons with pearl onions, bacon and champignons in a red wine and foie gras sauce served with pommes frîtes. Incroyable!

                          2. So far my two favorite breakfast brunch spots are Crave on Capital Hill and El Greco on Broadway. I went to Crave with a picky brother and father and we were able to satisfy everyone. Last week I finally tried El Greco after noting that it received the Best Brunch award in one of the Seattle polls. Relying on pervious threads I had read, I had the eggs benedict made out of light potato pancakes, with mixed in cheese and Canadian bacon from Bavarian meats in Pike Place, and eggs covered in a non traditional zesty slightly creamy tomato mushroom sauce. It exceeded my expectations and was wonderful. My dish arrived with bread from the wonderful bakery in Belltown. My picky co-diner was beyond pleased with his caramelized apple cinnamon pancakes, seasonal fruit, and herbed potatoes. I don't even like pancakes and I fell mercy to their praise after one bite of the light texture and overall perfection. The menus to both Crave and El Greco are available on the web- I suggest looking at them and also their lunches and dinners. There is something for everyone and dishes to push ones palate and comfort level when educating ones self and experiencing what Seattle has to offer.
                            Also- see this previous thread it might help...