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Jul 1, 2007 05:56 PM

Seattle Best Brunch?

Hi everyone. I've been dying to try Seattle brunches but I'm usually too cozy to go out to eat in the am. I wind up making my own breakfast instead- c'est la vie. However, my mother in law and 14 y/o brother in law are making a trip to see us and I'd like to go to a nice Sunday brunch. Any suggestions? We will probably be paying, would like to keep around $20pp or so. I live in first hill so cap hill, dt, int district, the market, waterfront, belltown, and seattle center are walking distance. THANKS :)

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  1. I just checked out Coastal Kitchen on 15th on Cap Hill today and found it completely delightful.

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      See I always suggest this place and get bashed for it I like it too.Saltys is great if you can afford it.

    2. Coastal Kitchen is a good suggestion. I would also add The Kingfish Cafe for a Southern approach to brunch.

      1. We really enjoyed brunch at Cafe Campagne. Relaxed pace, great food, delightful space.

        1. Not a fan of Coastal Kitchen unless you enjoy long waits, poor service, and serviceable food.

          Here's the top four places I frequent in no particular order:

          Kingfish Cafe (Southern - Cap-Hil)
          Monsoon (Vietnamese - Cap-Hil)
          St. Clouds (American - Madrona)
          Geraldines Counter (American - Columbia City)

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            Agree w/ you on Coastal Kitchen. Monsoon and kingfish are great spots and I've had some great late breakfasts at Le Pichet on 1st. Does anyone know if steelhead does anything for brunch on the weekends?

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              steelhead runs a special brunch menu on weekends and it's a winner....the salmon hash is especially good and last weekend he had an unprinted special of huge squash blossoms filled with spiced goat cheese and tempura fried.

          2. My favorite is Cafe Flora (vegetarian) in Madison Valley. Always great and usually crowded. Brunch only on Sat and Sun