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Jul 1, 2007 05:42 PM

Lunch at Tutti Baci - Italian Bakery in Westfield, NJ

Tutti Baci is one of these places that some people would call a hidden secret. It touts itself an Italian Bakery and I had good coffee and pretty good pastries (except of the croissants that are only so-so) there several times.
Recently, somebody recommended Tutti Baci for Lunch as they also have paninis and wraps. And they do sound interesting on the menu.
However, execution wasn't all that great. In my opinion, you get a decent unremarkable sandwich (with a bag of chips) that is not particularly tasty, a bit small (even for lunch standards) and in my opinion overpriced. The bread is a bit too heavy and the ingredients were just not combining into a really satisfying experience.
More details in my blog:
I like Tutti Baci for the coffee and the pastries. Some of them are truly excellent and I will continue to go there. But they have to work on their sandwiches. Improve execution, lower the price.
Did anybody have a similar experience on Tutti Baci's lunch items or did I just catch them on a bad day?

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  1. I ate there about 8 weeks ago and was unimpressed. As you said, unremarkable sandwiches and the salads were drowning in dressing. My biggest disappointment was when we went there after dinner on a weekend and they were closing (8:30 pm). I would think that this would be their busy time. I haven't checked back since, so they may have started to stay open later.