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Jul 1, 2007 05:20 PM

what to use in place of white wine?

Im cooking for my boyfriend and he's allergic to wine and so many of my recipes call for it. Does anyone have any suggestion for an alternative to use in, lets say, a marinade that calls for white wine?
Thanks so much!

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  1. anything with a mild acidity:

    citrus juice
    mild vinegar

    1. Lemon-lime soda seems to work pretty well. Something about the bubbles...

      If your boyfriend isn't allergic to beer, a pale ale or Heffeweizen might suffice.

      Buttermilk or yogurt has some good acidity, tenderizing the meat without imparting any flavors to interfere with the rest of the ingredients in your marinade.

      1. This may not help your boyfriend, but inexpensive extra dry vermouth works well in cooking and it will keep in the cupboard.

        1. thanks everyone! I think I'll try some lemon juice.

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            Rice wine vinegar works well too.


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              Depending on the recipe, chicken stock can also work...

          2. If he's allergic to the sulfites in wine, he'll be allergic to vermouth and any vinegars that have wine in them (balsamic, sherry vinegar, etc.), so be careful! Apple cider vinegar and rice vinegar are usually fine for people with sulfite allergies, and can be great substitutes. Just always check all labels for "sulfite", "sodium bi-sulfite", "sodium metabisulfite" or any of those derivatives. It's a terrible allergy to have, but you can learn to cook around it and carry a card explaning what to look for when you go to restaurants. I have a relative with the allergy, so I can relate.