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lobster tampa bay area

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Looking for a large live lobster in the Tampa Bay area


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  1. I hear Monstah Lobstah is good - real maine lobster - haven't been yet, will report back after my trip in late August :-)

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      I think they went out of business...I know the one in N Tampa did. s Tampa might still be open.
      The Palm is having their lobster special right now. Dinner for 2 for 90 bucks. We went last year and it was good.

    2. The South Tampa Monstah Lobstah is still open. Big Al carries lobsters of all sizes - I've even seen lobster lunatics order 5-pounders in there and go nuts.

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        sadly all are closed but he is looking for a new location

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          Magnus, you are replying to a five year old post!

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            I know but that's the current info as he got screwed on the lease when the owner sold the building out from under him on Pratt street and a search for a good Maine lobster is never ending in Tampa bay.