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Jul 1, 2007 04:03 PM

Best NYC Veal Chop

I am going to be in NYC for one night in a couple of weeks and I am looking for the best veal chop in the City - preferably in the SoHo, TriBeca, Village area.

Any recs?

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  1. The best veal chop I have had in the city, hands down, was at Gabriel's on w 60th Street right across the street from Time Warner Center. Huge, juicy and perfectly done.

    1. Il Mulino. Mortgage the house first.

      1. I haven't been there is a while, but I remember that Barolo had a great veal chop along with one of the nicest gardens in Manhattan. They are in Soho on West Broadway just north of Broome Street.

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          The veal chop for two at Del Posto is amazing. It's super thick and covered in black truffles, cooked to pink perfection. I thought it was tastier than the veal I had at Per Se, though it had some assistance from the heavy hand of the Batali kitchen.

        2. I wonder whether Joel Robuchon's place offers a veal chop? If so, I'd recommend theirs. The best veal chop in my life (in a restaurant) was easily at his original Paris restaurant. Patricia Wells wrote the recipe in the book she did while cooking in the kitchen with him, "Simply French," and I have never cooked a veal chop any other way since getting that recipe 15 years ago.

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            How was the veal chop prepared that made it so special? L'Atelier has it on their menu for $120 for 2. I won't get to try that any time soon.

          2. Piccolo Venezia in Astoria. or Felidia.