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Jul 1, 2007 02:10 PM

CJ Garden Buffet in East Windsor

Hello, has anybody been to this buffet in East Windsor? It's supposed to have Japanese sushi as part of their buffet. Address is 319 Rte 130 in the same mall with Shop Rite. I was wondering if anybody has been there and how was it. Thanks!

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  1. I'm just curious. Has anybody been there at all?

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    1. re: wench31


      The Japanese sushi is basic. I mean what can you expect at a buffet place where you're paying about $7 for lunch.

      I think it is worth a visit.

    2. I paid a visit this Saturday to CJ Buffet for lunch. I was greeted by a friendly hostess which promptly brought my and party and I to our table. For $7.99, I think this buffet provides an excellent value. A lot of variety including 5 or 6 different types of sushi and 1 hand roll. The quality of sushi is mediocre at best but for $8, it fully met my expectations.

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      1. re: spooktacular

        Any better than the big Chinese buffet on route 9 in Freehold?

      2. Sold and is now one of those Japanese seafood and sushi buffet places like Makkoli.

        I drove by one day last week and found them changing the signs.

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          If you drive by again, would you be so kind as to post the restaurant name here?

          It seems that these sushi buffets are becoming the latest rage. I frequent Tokyo Buffet (Freehold) often because it's cheap, decent, and quite close to my house. Also go to Makkoli occasionally. Haven't tried Fuji in North Brunswick yet, or Ichiumi in Menlo Park. Now there's this new one you mentioned.

          1. re: MarlboroMan

            The name of the new place is Rissin Japanese Seafood and Sushi Buffet. They had a grand opening on 4/1. Between 4/20 and 4/30 they have a special. For lunch it's $7.95, dinner is $12.95. Children is $2 off.

            Address is 319 Rte 130 North in East Windsor
            Tel # 609-448-8633

            Please let us know what you think of the place if you do go.

            1. re: wench31

              Thanks! Googled the name.. they have a website.. (That is correct, no "e" in buffet). The food photos look good.

              Maybe I can try it this week.. kind of a hike from me, but I like these sushi buffets. :)

              1. re: MarlboroMan

                I am not sure why in this economy the sushi buffet places are so popular. The dinner prices without discounts is in the $18-20 range.

                I will miss the CJ Garden Buffet even though I didn't live close enough to it to frequent it often.

              2. re: wench31

                Is Rissin still open? We called to see if they are open tomorrow, but the phone has been disconnected. It is about an hour from our house so I don't want to go if it is not open. I like it, it is good and cheap!

                1. re: esjro

                  There is also Fuji in North Brunswick.. owned by the same people, I believe (the websites are extremely similar). &

                  I've been to Fuji.. excellent, so probably similar to Rissin, which I've been wanting to try.

                  1. re: MarlboroMan

                    Not sure if they are the same owners or not, but Fuji has a larger sushi selection than Rissin does, but Rissin has a LOT more hot food than Fuji. Fuji is more expensive, but has better atmosphere than Rissin.

                    Does anyone know if Rissin is still open? :-\

                  2. re: esjro

                    To answer my own question, Rissin Buffet is closed. We tried to go there today, and there was an eviction notice on the door.