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Jul 1, 2007 01:43 PM

Grand Lux Cafe

first visit today to the fairly new one that has opened in Boca.

Great decor, lovely comfortable booths, excellent service. Extensive menu - they seem to have everything on it. Not cheap but on a par with everywhere else. My daughter and I both had salads which were ok, too much dressing already added and they were light on the gorgonzola and chicken bits.

the apple dessert which we preordered was brought less than warm and was nothing special.

I would probably go back to try something else next time but compared to say Applebees I would stick with the Applebees salads.

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  1. I've never liked the salads at Grand Lux. It's owned by the same people as Cheesecake Factory and I've never been a fan of their salads, either. The food at both is very similar with some of the same exact dishes.

    When I've gone, I usually stick with the appetizers and drinks. (potato spring rolls, buffalo blasts, stacked quesadilla, etc.) The burgers and sandwiches are pretty good. Grand Lux also has a nice happy hour menu, with smaller versions of some of their regular dishes, like sliders instead of a hamburger.

    1. Hi! I go alot to the Aventura location. I agree on the salads, and also I just had the Chicken flat bread sandiwch, pretty good for an early lunch (not a diner item). Anyways read my post about the Grand Lux...I have had many dishes, and I still go back again and again, in Aventura they do certainly have their game straight, always packed but the waits are very short since the establishment is so big!

      1. Went to the one in Boca....Had the Bistro Steak with garlic fries twice. First time was really good, second time tasted totally different (guess different guy cooking...)and didn't like it... Had the Halibut which when it came out it smelled sooooo bad! could smell the fishyness before the guy even put it in front of me, eeew gross!

        Went for High Tea, BIG MISTAKE! we ordered it and we were told by the waitress it will just be a few minutes to brew the tea. About 10 minutes later the Tea came out, (Way too strong, because they're using the wrong pots in which the tea will sit the whole time, not good....) Still no food, 'Allright she had told us the tea is gonna take some time.. how about the food. Another 10 minutes later, still no food. We're halfway through our tea and it's starting to cool down. another 10 minutes later we finaly get one dish of a 5 finger sandwiches. (doesn't an afternoon tea mean you get everything at the same time???) we eat them (pretty tasty) and another 10 minutes later nothing.... another 10 minutes (and no more tea) still nothing..... asked the waitress: " It always takes a long time" ok, what kind of answer was that? she told us the tea was gonna be a while. she didn't mention anything about the food!
        we've almost been there an hour had 1 cup of terrible tea... 2 1/2 fingersandwich each and nothing else......
        We asked for the check and left. haha and the waitress asked if she had to wrap up the rest, not sure how long that would take we gladly told her no thanks!!!
        I dearly hope they stopped doing the high tea.. or got better management!

        1. Yea I think the food there is just ok. Definitely seems like a nice place, and it is, but I haven't heard of many GREAT dishes there. Just seems to be another "offer everything, seem nice" sort of place, which is fine too...

          Also I believe it is called Grand Luxe, with an e if I'm not mistaking.

          1. Grand Lux is big portions of dull but generally inoffensive food, a la the Cheesecake Factory. However, there is one tremendous land mine of an entree on their menu that I think takes the prize for "Worst Conceived Dish of All Time." It's called the "Indochine," chunks of chicken served in a brown gravy that "melds the flavors of India and China." The sauce is basically one part soy sauce, one part yellow curry powder. Totally vomitous!