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Old Chestnut - Where to take fam?

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Adult family visiting from out of town, going to dinner Monday night. Have been to LA many times before, but not necessarily all over the foodie scene. The restrictions/interests: upscale (cost is not an issue - anything below the Thomas Keller price range), trendy new or edgy would be nice, will have a vegetarian along so preferably not a steakhouse. Would be anywhere Hollywood or west, really.

My first choice was Hatfields, as I absolutely love it, but unfortunately it's all booked on Monday night. Any other suggestions?

Thank you so much in advance!

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  1. Hmmm....

    Nook, Rustic Canyon? We had a good meal at Abode in SM recently - although it's pricey.

    How about the new restaurant on top of the old Holiday Inn at the 405 and Sunset? It's new & trendy and views are great.

    1. Maybe Simon LA at the Sofitel? It is normally a scene (who knows on a Monday) and has an attitude that you seem to be seeking with your "trendy, new or edgy" req.

      Here's a link to J. Gold's recent review.


      1. Thanks to both of you for responding. Took a look at some menus online, made some calls - looks like we're headed to Rustic Canyon. I'm stoked. Shall I post a review afterwards?

        1. Before I got to the end of your post, I, too, was thinking Hatfields. Ah well, how about Opus?