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Jul 1, 2007 12:42 PM

(DFW) Hawaiian?

I'm looking for some genuine hawaiian food. Not various proteins coated with macadamias or Polynesian fusions (not that there's anything wrong with that). A simple plate lunch would be nice, if not ideal. poi would be wonderful. Kalua or poke would make me your best friend.

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  1. The closest thing in town is Roy's in Plano right off the toll road.

    1. I've been looking for the same thing ever since we moved out here a few years ago. Loco moco and spam musubi for me, please.

      Roy's is what it is, but a cheap plate lunch it ain't.

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      1. re: healthyscratch

        ha - good luck! If you find such a thing please let me know!! Maybe we can convince someone to start a Zippy's franchise here

        1. re: gavlist

          In phoenix we had a place called L&L that actually came from Hawaii. It was the sort of place that authenticophiles loved to hate. It got close enough to be real, but wasn't like their grandma's. I would kill... no, maim, for some of that kalua pork and mac salad.

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            Look what I found on L&L's website:

            Lewisville Coming Soon!
            420 East FM. 3040, #850
            Lewisville, TX 75067

            Oh my. Not so far from where I work in West Plano that I won't be making that trip for lunch more than I should.

            Yeah, I've heard Hawaiian ex-pats badmouth mainland L&L's, too. But I am nowhere that picky.

            1. re: healthyscratch

              The L&L website still says the Lewisville location is "Coming Soon", but they did add a phone number, so I called it and spoke at length with Bill, the owner (very pleasant guy).

              He's run into the standard delays, but hopes to have the place running right at the start of 2008. Also mentioned he was looking to open in other locations, specifically Plano.

              So, not much longer. Bill even offered to personally make me a loco moco plate if I drove out to the site today...

          2. re: gavlist

            A while back, some transplanted Hawaiians tried to open a shack, serving the casual Hawaiian fare that I think we're all looking for -- long rice, kahlua pork, musubi, lomi, poke, etc. I guess they didn't get enough support to stay open.

            Funny anecdote: the former exec chef of Ferre Restaurant in West Village actually grew up in Hilo. Last year, he concocted a Kahlua pork Caesar salad for the annual Caesar salad competition...he didn't win, but he did come in 3rd, I think...

        2. Sushi Yama has Spam Musubi, although I haven't tried it yet.

          It's a special item on the wall.

          Sushi Yama
          8989 Forest Ln # 112

          1. It's not close to Dallas, but:

            Nothing else until someone like open up an L&L in Texas.

            1. WOW!!! An L&Ls coming here?! Sweet!!!
              I can't believe I somehow missed this thread. I made musubi yesterday and the other night I tried my hand at baked manapua (if you're interested in that, tell me) for my mom!

              Heres something local.. locally.. for you guys (i'm just copying my post from hawaiithreads)

              "Here in Texas, I usually shop between two different Japanese shops in Dallas, a 100 yen shop called Minoya and a small food store (with killer fish (but no butterfish )), but a few months ago I tried out one I'd never been to before called Kazy's. Well, what do you know... walking in, we were faced by a gigantic palatte of Hawaiian Sun! They also had Hawaiian Salt, Portuguese sausage, Aloha shoyu AND the guy said sometimes they get POI.
              I guess this means ones of three things:

              a) it was destiny and they kept all that stocked just for us...
              b) local Japanese have taken quite a liking to island stuffs
              c) there is a very elusive Hawaiian community here!

              Who knows. All I care about is that I am sipping on Guava Nectar... ONO!


              I guess you guys would be letter "C"!!!
              Wheres everybody now?

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              1. re: captainshen

                Oddly HEB in Austin (Parmer and Mopac) carries Aloha Maid.

                1. re: captainshen

                  captainshen, what's the name and location of the store that you purchase your Aloha Shoyu from? Thanks in advance