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Jul 1, 2007 12:40 PM

Boise Restaurants


We just moved to Boise a month ago and would be interested in any recommendations for restaurants here. More specifically though I have heard that there are Bosnian restaurants here which I haven't been able to find from searching on the internet. Anyone know where these are?


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  1. Goodwood's Barbecue is definitely worth a visit. The brisket is not so ayayay, but then I've never found any outside Texas that is. Everything else is top notch, though the sauces are merely OK.
    Homemade ranch dressing to die for, and I don't like ranch. Pulled pork and sausage are both very good, smoked prime rib is excellent. Sides are good, especially the potato salad, and plentiful, though their "creamy" coleslaw is decidedly non-creamy.

    1. Are you sure that it isn't Basque restaurants that you have heard about? It's been years, but there were some good ones.

      1. There was a Bosnian restaurant for a short time in town, but I think it's now a pizza joint. There's now a Bosnian/Serbian coffee house on Emerald and Orchard. It's very hard to find good middle-eastern food in Boise - however, when I'm craving it (my family is Macedonian), I go to Rockie's on Overland and have a Gyro - the owner is Greek so it actually tastes like the ones I grew up on in Chicago. There's also a large Basque population here, so there are quite a few restaurants reflecting this.

        1. There were two to three Balkan style restaurants when I left Boise in Spring of 2002. Not sure if they still exist, sorry. However, for some decent food, here is a list of my favorites....

          1. Epi's in Meridian: A Basque family style restaurant. Food is excellent, the converted house makes you feel like a Sunday dinner. Kris Ansotegui will treat you like one of her own family as well. Side note, hit up her brother's place down in the Basque Block, Gernika. Dan has some of the best burgers in town as well as some Basque specials such as tongue, solomo sandwiches and croquettas.

          2. Vietnamese Restaurant, Boise Bench: I laugh every time I tell people that the best Vietnamese restaurant is "Vietnamese Restaurant" Great pho, their Chai Gao is some of the best and you will find many other authentic dishes on the menu. Dhat, the cook and owner comes out and checks on his clients too. IMHO, they have some of the best Chinese in Boise as well

          3. Stagecoach, Garden City: For an honest steak and a stiff cocktail, the Stagecoach is one of my favorites. You will see some of Boise's "old guard" present showing that the quality has survived for many years. Not to miss are their Bar Prawns and their daily lunch specials. Meatloaf on Tuesdays and Halibut and chips on Fridays were some of my favorites. If they are serving the cream of mushroom soup, it is excellent.

          4. Gino's Italian, Downtown Boise: After beers and cocktails at Piper Pub, make your way around the corner to Gino's. Some of the best Italian in the area with very fair pricing. They have some of the best waitstaff in the Treasure Valley as well. Favorites include the Beef carpaccio, Veal a la Gino and the Osso Bucco when available. Their crew is flexible enough to make anything you want as well

          There are many more I could list, any other particular style of cuisine you are looking for?

          Good luck

          1. Here's another thread about Boise:
            Unfortunately Boise seems like a city where people would prefer to eat comfort food at their old corporate standbys (Applebees, Chili's, etc.) than take a chance and explore food from other cultures.

            I also agree that you're probably thinking about Basque. Boise has the largest Basque population in the U.S.

            I second the recommendation for Vietnamese Restaurant, although I disagree regarding the pho.