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Boise Restaurants


We just moved to Boise a month ago and would be interested in any recommendations for restaurants here. More specifically though I have heard that there are Bosnian restaurants here which I haven't been able to find from searching on the internet. Anyone know where these are?


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  1. Goodwood's Barbecue is definitely worth a visit. The brisket is not so ayayay, but then I've never found any outside Texas that is. Everything else is top notch, though the sauces are merely OK.
    Homemade ranch dressing to die for, and I don't like ranch. Pulled pork and sausage are both very good, smoked prime rib is excellent. Sides are good, especially the potato salad, and plentiful, though their "creamy" coleslaw is decidedly non-creamy.

    1. Are you sure that it isn't Basque restaurants that you have heard about? It's been years, but there were some good ones.

      1. There was a Bosnian restaurant for a short time in town, but I think it's now a pizza joint. There's now a Bosnian/Serbian coffee house on Emerald and Orchard. It's very hard to find good middle-eastern food in Boise - however, when I'm craving it (my family is Macedonian), I go to Rockie's on Overland and have a Gyro - the owner is Greek so it actually tastes like the ones I grew up on in Chicago. There's also a large Basque population here, so there are quite a few restaurants reflecting this.

        1. There were two to three Balkan style restaurants when I left Boise in Spring of 2002. Not sure if they still exist, sorry. However, for some decent food, here is a list of my favorites....

          1. Epi's in Meridian: A Basque family style restaurant. Food is excellent, the converted house makes you feel like a Sunday dinner. Kris Ansotegui will treat you like one of her own family as well. Side note, hit up her brother's place down in the Basque Block, Gernika. Dan has some of the best burgers in town as well as some Basque specials such as tongue, solomo sandwiches and croquettas.

          2. Vietnamese Restaurant, Boise Bench: I laugh every time I tell people that the best Vietnamese restaurant is "Vietnamese Restaurant" Great pho, their Chai Gao is some of the best and you will find many other authentic dishes on the menu. Dhat, the cook and owner comes out and checks on his clients too. IMHO, they have some of the best Chinese in Boise as well

          3. Stagecoach, Garden City: For an honest steak and a stiff cocktail, the Stagecoach is one of my favorites. You will see some of Boise's "old guard" present showing that the quality has survived for many years. Not to miss are their Bar Prawns and their daily lunch specials. Meatloaf on Tuesdays and Halibut and chips on Fridays were some of my favorites. If they are serving the cream of mushroom soup, it is excellent.

          4. Gino's Italian, Downtown Boise: After beers and cocktails at Piper Pub, make your way around the corner to Gino's. Some of the best Italian in the area with very fair pricing. They have some of the best waitstaff in the Treasure Valley as well. Favorites include the Beef carpaccio, Veal a la Gino and the Osso Bucco when available. Their crew is flexible enough to make anything you want as well

          There are many more I could list, any other particular style of cuisine you are looking for?

          Good luck

          1. Here's another thread about Boise:
            Unfortunately Boise seems like a city where people would prefer to eat comfort food at their old corporate standbys (Applebees, Chili's, etc.) than take a chance and explore food from other cultures.

            I also agree that you're probably thinking about Basque. Boise has the largest Basque population in the U.S.

            I second the recommendation for Vietnamese Restaurant, although I disagree regarding the pho.

            1. I don't have any Basque or Balkan options to contribute but I was recently in Boise for work and had a couple of great meals. I had lunch at The Milky Way on 10th Street and would have liked to try their dinner. Brick 29 is worth a drive out to Nampa. A very ambitious chef is doing good things out there. While I didn't get to eat at Andrae's, I will return to Boise just to have a meal there - the menu had my mouth watering and from what I could tell, it seems to be the finest dining in town.

              1. I am not familiar with Bosnian restaurants here, but these are some of my favorites:
                1. Berryhill
                2. Mortimer's
                3. Cafe Vicino
                4. Bungalow
                5. Gino's
                6. Zutto
                7. Bar Gernika (Basque)
                8. Andrae's
                9. Cazba
                10. La Cafe de Paris
                11. Guido's
                12. Zen Bento

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                1. I'm repeating myself here, but I'll say it again:
                  I, too, live in Boise, and strongly encourage any and all to break out of the box and try these locally-owned restaurants:
                  Bardenay (downtown Boise and Eagle)--GREAT upscale pub food (cloth napkins! made-from-scratch everything!) and house-crafted (!!!) gin, vodka, rum. Beautiful patio dining too. Amazing wine list.
                  Cafe Vicino--intimate decor, lovely Mediterranean-influenced menu, wonderful service.
                  Bungalow--aforementioned, adorable historic area (Hyde Park) with a remarkable Happy Hour 7 days a week with both booze and nosh specials.

                  1. The good Bosnian restaurants have mostly disappeared except for the one described above. I understand from my favorite cab drivers that they came as refugees and all found taxi driving to be more lucrative.

                    I wish there were more!!

                    1. Please see my long posting (oops!) under Dining out in Boise!!!! I have lots of suggestions from my perspective...

                      1. I was just in Boise for business last week and I had a terrific lunch at the Cafe Russian Bear (600 S. Rivershore Lane) in a shopping center. Technically it was in Eagle. Great beef stroganoff and latkes--they were different, not grated like Jewish ones. They also had an enormous "Napoleon" which was not the kind you get at a French bakery but was tasty. Run by a ex-Micron Russian, Oleg, and his wife. Oleg is also quite personable.

                        1. Also the taquerias in Boise are a good bet.

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                            Taquerias...could you tell us where? Always seeking somewhere to eat out in Boise.

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                              Glad you asked!

                              El Pueblo, 5234 W Fairview Ave, is tucked way back in the corner of a strip mall (don't bother with the bigger stand-alone Los Beto's in the parking lot, it doesn't hold a candle).
                              Campos Market, 413 N Orchard St.

                              Both are also meat markets, which is handy.

                          2. Epi's in Meridian is one of the best restaurants I've been to in YEARS. The food was great (try the mushroom starter!) but the feeling of being part of a large extended family can't be topped. It feels like Thanksgiving at your Basque grandmother's house, and I'm not even Basque.

                            1. There's good food to find here- you just have to know where to look. Check out
                              El Gallo Giro (in Kuna, really worth the short drive)
                              Flying Pie
                              Brick 29
                              Tavern at Bown Crossing (suprisingly good sushi too)
                              Westside Drive In
                              Cafe Vicino
                              Bar Gernika
                              The Deli at the Boise Coop
                              Zen Bento

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                                Must strongly second the El Gallo Giro in KUNA pick.
                                (Not the Boise imitator.)

                                Fantastic real Mexican food with a fun attitude.

                                Please try the fish, be adventurous, and have guacamole made at your table.

                              2. There are, but you have to look for them. There is one on 4846 Emerald street called BoEx (Bosnian Express) its a bar too. And there are some Basque Restaurants. There is a difference and you cannot mistake them for each other. Totally two different cultures by far. Goodluck and enjoy your meal. There are quit a few middle eastern mediterreanean region mix of restaurants, you just have to go by word of mouth and what not. They are pretty good, some of the dishes are prepared better than others. There is a very good one on Parkcenter called Mazzah.

                                1. I've been in Boise about three months working on a project and have managed to fit in some dining. I'm surprised so few people talk about Chandler's. Beautiful room and poilished service. Was disappointed in the steak and annoyed they use the word "prime" in their steak descriptions to mislead us into thinking they serve prime beef. Bar Gernika is a favorite. In expective but excellent Basque food. The Basque Market serves tapas as lunch as well as in the eveing several nights. Enjoyed this alot. Addie's for breakfast hands down the best I've hit for that meal yet. The Boise Fry Co. has decent burgers but great fries. You choose from 5-6 types of potatoes, then select how you want them cooked. Lot's of dipping sauces, Etc. I like Berryhill's and they have a very good happy hour deal. Barbacoa to me is a restaurant in search of a concept. However, a drink outside on the deck overlooking the lake is outstanding. Now here's a suggestion that will surprise: The Castle Ranch Steakhouse inside the old Holiday Inn at the Airport (now the Boise Hotel & Conference Center) serves excellent RR Ranch beef and the filet is about as good as it gets. Several other non-beef items were excellent. Be sure and try the Huckleberry Ice Cream. it comes from Reed's Dairy said by Saveur Magazine as the best ice cream in the country. Right next door to the restaurant is Sports Page Bar with what I think is the best Happy Hour deal in Boise. With a drink you can get a 1/2 pound American Kobe Beef Bacon Cheeseburger for $2.95! If there's a better deal around I need to hear about it.

                                  Bar Gernika
                                  202 S Capitol Blvd, Boise, ID 83702

                                  Sports Page
                                  1425 Broadwater Ave, Billings, MT 59102

                                  Happy Hour Bar
                                  15400 Hebgen Lake Rd, West Yellowstone, MT 59758

                                  Holiday Inn
                                  10 E 120th Ave, Northglenn, CO 80233

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                                    Hi, Poerz:

                                    Actually, I had already posted about Castle Ranch, where I also had an extraordinary steak.. It may have been under a different Dining Out heading. Wine list was horrendous as it had wines two years past their proper vintage that were truly not drinkable as the wine distributor was apparently taking advantage of the restaurant manager who wasn't wine savvy--but we discussed it months ago and perhaps that's been remedied and that steak and even the fresh-cut french fries warrant a return visit. I had a posting under a different heading with some other suggestions, in which I think I also included La Belle Vie though it's in Nampa. With respect to Chandler's--most people I know really like the setting but have been frequently disappointed in the steaks and sometimes poor service and there have been multiple reports of warmed-over, shriveled at the zig-zag cut top edge of the baked potatoes (they tasted like the cooler with that kind of orange, dehydrated edge--which I've been served, too)--and some other issues. Boise IS going to be getting a new, truly Greek restaurant, which I'm eagerly awaiting as there realy is no such thing at this time as Cazba is not Greek but sort of a Middle Eastern melange. If Ruth's Chris Steak House can get a location finalized, they've been eager to enter this market. Personally, I don't care for the burgers at Boise Fry Company at all--but definitely agree that the fries are great. I have to say that you're the first person to provide a positive report about Addie's breakfast. Most prefer Goldy's if they can get around the wait. Interesting!

                                    La Belle Vie Restaurant
                                    220 14th Ave S, Nampa, ID 83651