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Jul 1, 2007 12:37 PM

Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes "must not miss"

Going to Greece for the first time in two weeks with another couple. We have 3 days in each of these places. Looking for "must not miss" recs. Price not as important as local flavor and great food. Many thanks...

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  1. You should have a great trip, and I have a few recommendations for you if you are interested. I admit I tend to give the same ones, but I do consider these the best I have been to on these islands. I have never been to Rhodes, but I can give you some great choices in Mykonos and Santorini.

    In Santorini, there is an amazing restaurant called Vanilia, that is a bit pricy (everything is in Santorini), but located in an old windmill. It has great seafood and Greek dishes, but you will probably need a reservation. It is located in Firostefani and the website is (I don't know the address exactly, but it is on the main walking street). There are also several other good choices on the island, but this was my favorite.

    I Mykonos I can recommend The Sea Satin Market - Caprice, has amazing fish and is in "little Venice", towards the Windmills. There is another great restaurant on Paranga beach called Ahinaioi, which is great for lunch and has amazing fish. Finally, Filippis has great traditional Greek cuisine, and is located in the center and is very famous. You should be able to ask at your hotel, and they will know where it is.

    Hope this helps, and let me know what you think when you return.

    (an American expat living in Athens).

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      Thanks so much, Rob. We're leaving in a few days and very excited. First long vacation away from our little one. Since you live in Athens, could you share some of your favorites? We're only there for 1 day/night -- probably can seek out 2 meals max since we have some activities going on with other folks. Have heard that there are some nice restaurants located on a hill with a spectacular view of the Acropolis, especially in the evening. We'd like to find one for dinner. Any recs? Thanks!

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        Does Vanilia have a view of the caldera in order to watch the sunset? We made a reservation there, but not sure about the view.

        Thanks :)

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          Yes. Didn't eat there, but definitely walked past it enough times to know. Looks lovely, actually.

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              We did eat there and the meal was really good, but I wouldn't say outstanding. I had whole sea bass and my girlfriend had pork tenderloin. It was all very good, but she flipped out over their baked potato. They must use some kind of yogurt topping that was out of this world. I'd go back there just for that. ;)

              We couldn't sit upstairs where you have the open area with a view because the clouds rolled in and it was very windy and cold. We ate downstairs in the patio protected by some walls. Very romantic.

              I will post pics tomorrow, I have to resize them. We have the menu, the patio, and our food, of course. :)

      2. My favorite restaurant is Archipelagos - It is located in Fira with a great view of the caldera and excellent dishes.

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          Thanks for the Santorini rec! We'll definitely try it out and report back!

          1. re: alexandr0s

            I just made a reservation there-but do you know if their prices are reasonable? Also, any vegetarian options? Thank you in advance.

          2. I love Rhodes and i visit very often,in the old city you have to walk around and ask for Alexis the perfect place for fish very well known and very popular with the locals,pricy but very good.Try to avoid the tourist traps.

            1. I have recommend this before, but a "must not miss" is Kioupia in Rhodes. It is a fixed price menu. You get 10+ mezedes and a choice of a main. Then you will get 4-5 desserts. It is impossible to eat everything, so pace yourself. Reminds me of an Italian wedding from that sense. They open only for dinner. Truly interesting and wonderful menu. The chef originally comes from another local small island, and tries to incorporate some that island's dishes.

              I can't help you on the other islands.

              Open only for dinner.

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                Peter I agree with you 100 % Kioupia in Rhodes is an amazing experience.
                I realy forgot about this place or I was thinking more in terms of the city, it is a little out of the way,actually you have to know about the place and ask,otherwise no way to find it on your own.
                I loved everything about Kioupia the food beyond compare,the setting of the restaurant very romantic,a cave like experience and the service so calm and relaxing,!!!!!!!!
                I beleive there was another in Athens in Kifisia i looked for it in Apil but they had moved I wish I new were.

              2. oops technical difficulties. Will try to post pics again tomorrow. So Sorry. :\