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Jul 1, 2007 12:14 PM

9 hour layover ...

I'm flying from the US to Mumbai in a few days and have a nasty layover in London -- 9 hours to be exact. I'm contemplating hopping the train into town and perhaps going to the Tate.

My outbound flight to India is at 22:00, so I'll have time for an early and informal dinner. Any suggestions near the train terminus of Paddington Station? Or is there anything good to eat (and do?) in or around the airport?

Any and all info is appreciated.

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  1. If you're headed for the Tate anyway (assuming you mean the Tate Modern), why not eat there? Not high end gourmet, but my father was very impressed with their food. The view from the restaurant is great too.

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      I really enjoyed having a 'pig sandwich' at the Tate Modern and looking out at the marvelous view up and down the Thames.

    2. You didn't mention which airport you're flying in to, but I'm assuming it's LHR. Gatwick has many more options nearby - let us know in case that's the one. I agree that the food at the Tate Modern is definitely OK, and the surroundings pleasant. You could also head towards Marylebone High St. where there are lots of places to choose from - or Maze near Marble Arch (Gordon Ramsay).

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        Yes, I'm flying into LHR. Since I'm between two long flights and haven't been to London in over a decade, I'm now thinking that I would like to walk about an interesting neighborhood and have an early dinner. With that in mind, and given my train to and from Paddington Station, do you have any additional advice?

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          I'm an American who is fairly new to the London area (3 years), so I'm not the best authority on interesting neighborhoods - just know where I enjoy wandering. You won't be far from Edgeware Road which I don't think of as interesting but there are a lot of restaurants in that area... just use the search box typing in Edgeware. I like your idea of the Tate because that South Bank area *is* interesting. You can also wander to the Globe Theatre or just walk along the nice stretch near the river. If you go early, eating at the Hope and Anchor near Waterloo is supposed to be terrific (I've not gotten there yet). I guess it depends on what you enjoy seeing as you walk - shops, residential areas, history etc.

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            You can be at Paddington very quickly once you clear customs etc and from there you can head West to Notting Hill or Kensington ( about 15-20 mins to South Kensington and the museums if that's what you fancy) or you could head towards Mayfair which still hosts some decent old pubs.

            There is not much around Paddington itself for supper, although I did try The Frontline CLub last week. A club/restaurant run by news correspondents. The food is very 'modern" British and, while it is not going to raise the rafters, it would certainly suit an early supper ( they open from 8am -11pm and have a light menu too) It is about 1 minutes walk from Paddington on Norfolk place.

            They also have one of the best wine lists I have seen in town and at some incredible prices ( about 30 wines offered by the glass I think)


            Hope this helps


            1. re: Simon Majumdar

              A friend suggested I try Levantine. It's certainly close, but is it any good?

      2. I would second the Frontline club Great spot w/ a great wine list.

        If you can get up to the upstairs bar (members only) there are some great items on display from various war correspendents.


        Frontline Club
        13 Norfolk Pl, Paddington, Greater London W2 1, GB

        1. Yakitoria (Japanese) and Pearl Liang (Chinese) in Sheldon Square (right behind Paddington) could be good options.

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            I don't know if this is too late, but...

            Since you haven't been to London in a decade, walking to the Tate Modern along the South Bank is still a very good idea. The South Bank is now a major tourist attraction. The London Eye is right by Waterloo train station, then if you walk east along the south bank, you will reach Tate Modern and the Globe theatre. Both are well worth visiting. Directly across the river from the Tate is St. Paul's, which you can get to via the Millenium Bridge.

            As others have said, the Tate has decent food and there many pubs along the river.