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Jul 1, 2007 10:50 AM

North Dallas Sushi - one open, two to go

Ran by TJ's at Preston Forest late Saturday afternoon and noticed Ku Sushi has opened for business. We were in a big hurry so I sent Mr. Q down to pick up a to go menu and meet me back at the car. They only had the paper sushi menu and it looks pretty typical of most sushi places. They seem to have a lot of specialty rolls geared to the non sushi eater (Mr. Q.) I think they are open 7 days a week for both lunch and dinner - at least they are open Sat and Sun for both so if they are closed one day it would probably be Monday. I was trying to read the hours as I drove by and was only paying attention to weekend lunch/dinner hours so I'm not sure. Mr. Q said it was very pretty inside but that could mean just about anything....With the coming week being the 4th I'm not sure when we will get by to check it out. If anyone goes, please post!

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  1. Thanks for the update Q. Don't know if we should go by this week or let them get a few days under their belts.

    I'll check with the other half and see what she thinks. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. It did not take much convincing, I told her Ku was open and she was ready to go. We walked in at 7 and there were about 10 people at the bar and a table of 5 or 6, so they are getting some traffic. The bar seats probably 16 to 18, I think. They have 6 tables that sit 6 each, so unless they double stack the tables like Sake, they are going to have a hard time flipping tables on the weekend. The menu was pretty limited, they had about 6 entrees of grilled/cooked items, a couple of appetizers, and a few soups/salads. We went straight for the sushi.

      We ordered 3 rolls, Spicy Tuna, Samurai, and the aptly named daily special Rain in the Sky. The spicy tuna was good sized with great tuna to spicy sauce ratio. The Samurai was a shrimp tempura roll with avocado and tuna on top. The Rain in The Sky was a salmon roll with cream cheese, topped with tuna. The later two rolls were good in idea, but they were covered in "special sauces." We both thought that the over use of sauce covered the flavor of the fish. The rolls which were 6.25, 10.50 and 14.75 respectively, and were great in quality and ample in size, the sauces were overkill.

      The sushi we ordered was the standard: tuna, salmon, and flounder. All of the sushi was very fresh and the pieces were very big.

      While there is certainly better sushi in DFW, Ku definitely impressed on our first visit. We will be back and we'll just be weary of the rolls with sauces.

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        Thanks for the report. I will definitely start out by trying some of the sushi. I usually prefer rolls more on the simple side - not too much sauce, etc.- but will try out whatever sounds good to Mr. Q in the maki department.

      2. Do you have any info on what kind of happy hour or any other specials they have?

        1. Queenie,

          Minami at Forrest and Park Central opened yesterday. We have yet to go, but will give you a report as soon as we do.

          No word on Sushi Star at Preston and Royal, they have signage but look to be still working on the finish out as of last week.

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            Hey Marcus-I was just about to start a new post saying they were open - I was over by Medical City earlier this afternoon. I ran in and picked up a to go sushi/sashimi/roll menu and it looks fairly normal. It isn't as upscale inside as Ku but nice and clean looking. I hope to give it a try soon. Let us know if you get by there first!

            By the way we tried Ku this weekend and it was just okay. The first issue was it smelled faintly of backed up sewage when we walked in - not a good start although I know these things happen. We did not order any real sushi so we will give it another shot and try the sushi We did order some rolls and while they were good enough they were HUGE - one of my pet peeves. Just too big to consume in one bite and forget about using chopsticks for them. Even picking them up with my fingers (messy with all the sauce) they would immediately fall apart - a PIA to handle and eat.

            Also drove by Sushi Star and they still are not open as of today.

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              The rolls at KU are huge, and I should have noted that. If they would tone down their sauce, and make the rolls more manageable, then I think they could be a player, but I'm not wanting to pay $14 for a 6 piece mini-roll either.

              I'm 99% certain that the GF will want to try Minami this week. I'll let you know if we do.

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                I was just there Friday night and can confirm that the smell is STILL there.

                My wife and I actually enjoyed the food very much, but we moved to a table outside after a few minutes due to the smell. Its unbelievable that they have not addressed the issue yet.