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Jul 1, 2007 10:27 AM

what the heck are hannabells?

It's on the Beacon Hill Bistro dinner menu. It lists hazelnut-crusted hannabells with roasted pear, endive and watercress. I Googled it and all I get are like grotesque porcelain figurines, which I assume are not edible. Anyone know?

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  1. Hannahbells (I believe the correct spelling includes the final "h") are, IIRC, a specialty cheese. With a cute name.

    1. "Hannahbells"...I just bought them last tuesday from the Silverbrook Organic farm (from dartmouth) booth at the harvard farmers market by the science center. I talked to the guy who sells them, Andy, and he said that Silverbrook is one of only a couple of vendors for Hannahbells. It's a cows milk cheese the size of a thimble. They almost taste goat-y, and come in packages with about 20 little ones for 6.50. The only thing i didn't like about them was that with so many little ones in each package it seemed as though some were aged more than others and i preferred the younger softer ones. The guy also told me that the group that makes the cheese, Shy Brothers Farm is one of very very few dairy farms in Massachusetts that continues to make cheese...They're trying to keep it profitable while a lot of farms can't.

      Probably more info than you wanted, but hope it helps.

      i think the site is

      1. Hannahbells are tiny artisanal cheeses made by Shy Brothers Farm (the Santos Brothers) dairy farmers in Westport from fresh cows milk. Andy Pollock at Silverbrook Farm carries them for farmers markets in eastern Mass and cheesemongers in Tiverton and Providence carry them also. Each cheese is hand molded and aged about 10 days. They've only been out for a few weeks and are mostly available in the Westport area.

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          Thanks all! Wow. "Chowhound: Better than Google."

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          1. I just picked some up at the Belmont farmers' market, which takes place on Thursdays from 2 to 6:30