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Beer Garden / Outdoor Drinking in LA?

I'm orignally from Chicago, where in the summer time, the bulk of one's beer consumption occurs outside. I've been in LA for 7 years now, and every time a heat wave comes along I'm at a loss for where to go for a frosty pint and some snacks besides my own front porch (or the Red Lion). Anybody got suggestions? I'm in Silverlake, but am willing to travel. And I'm not talkin' your LA-style "smoking patio" shack either, I want to feel breezes and see some sky please.

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  1. Gotta love the Red Lion. Here are some other ideas near you:

    Cat and Fiddle (http://thecatandfiddle.com/home.html) Great patio, live jazz, food is OK but not great.

    Edendale Grill (http://www.edendalegrill.com/) Another nice patio. I prefer the bar, which is open to the outdoors. Great barfood. Regular menu is overpriced.

    Rudolpho's (no website) Located in Silverlake where Fletcher and Riverside meet. Patio has fountains and plants and is really relaxing. Bar has 3 plasma TVs and three sizes of drafts. Food is good too.

    Home (http://www.homelosfeliz.com/) got a full liquor license last year.

    1. There's a place in Venice Beach, right on the boardwalk, whose name I can never remember. They've got a beer garden and lots of good German beer. It's on the far northen end of the Venice Beach main drag and is actually in Santa Monica, not Venice.

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        I love that place! The name escapes me too.

      2. I too live in Silver Lake and wish there were better beer gardens than the Red Lion.
        I'm hoping the Bridge, which is opening soon Downtown later this summer from the people who did Royal Clayton's, will fill the bill. Here's what one of the press releases said:
        " a medieval-styled English Beer Garden called The Bridge Tavern . It will feature a vast beer selection, boutique wine list and comfort food served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Live jazz will be featured on Saturdays and Sundays evenings. Located at the site of the former Studio Café, The Bridge Tavern is set to open at 1356 Palmetto St."

        1. Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas has one of the biggest patios I can think of. It is a great place for a cold beer on a hot night (food is pretty weak). Speaking of Cantina's, Baja Cantina in MDR/Venice also has a nice patio.

          1. ..."I want to feel breezes and see some sky please..."

            Moonshadows - Malibu - There is an "smoking patio" off the bar where your 100 (?) feet from the breaking surf and you'll get all the ocean breezes, sunshine, and sunset (!) that day has to offer. So it excels at 2, but fails as a spacious beer garden - unless you take into account the unobstructed view across the Pacific Ocean. But what's more important?


            The Waterfront Cafe - Venice - It's on the Boardwalk and you can drink beer (good Greman selection) on their front patio. Plenty of Sky and Ocean Breezes. See picture:


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              The Waterfront Cafe -- that's the place in Venice that I could not think of. It's owned by some Swiss people, but they have German beer.

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                I thought its name was On the Waterfront. Regardless--that's your spot. There is a beer garden on the side and patio seating out front right along the boardwalk...it is one of the first places you hit if you are walking south to venice from santa monica...lots of german beers and a very european crowd...also walking distance to library alehouse on main street if you want to check out both

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                  Your almost right (& so was I), the website says "On The Waterfront Cafe", but what's important is where it is and what they provide: Swiss style food, German beer all available in the sun & ocean breezes.

            2. Lucky Baldwins in Pasadena. They have a great selection of beer, good fish and chips, and you don't want to sit inside anyway because it smells like a frathouse.

              1. Check the New Otani Hotel, in Little Tokyo. They have had for -many- years, a summer beer-garden on evenings and weekends. VERY beautiful setting, and great food! Asagi and Sapporo on draft, too. A winner in my book.

                I too love the Red Lion in Silverlake, but it's just tooo darn crowded in the evenings. Therefore, I just go for lunch. ^__^ Beer's still great!

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                  Otani is lovely..not a great beer selection, but nice.

                  A lot of BJ's have patios, but the food is far below the beer quality

                  Second lucky Baldwin's and their satellite, the Delirium Cafe.

                  Library Alehouse has a nice but small beer garden in the back.

                  Crown City has a good patio, I seem to recall.

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                    The Bonaventure Brewing Company in the Bonaventure hotel downtown has a nice expansive outdoor area.
                    Schatzi's on Main in Santa Monica has a meandering outdoor patio and beer on tap.
                    The food I've gotten at happy hour has been atrocious.
                    Beechwood in Venice/MDR has a nice patio but expensive beer.
                    The backyard patio at Warsawa (sp) in Santa Monica is a relaxing spot. They have somewhat spotty hours.
                    The Standard Downtown is great but expensive.
                    Likewise with Skybar.

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                      I was under the impression that Schatzi's had closed.

                2. This is great! Muchas gracias for all the hot tips. I didn't know Lucky Baldwin's had an offshoot, so the mention of Delirium Cafe is especially great. I think I'll be a much happier Angeleno this summer. . .