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Jul 1, 2007 08:07 AM

Where can I get Crabcakes in New York City?

My mom loves crabcakes, and my daughter and I want to take her for a nice dinner. We will travel anywhere by cab. We are going on a tuesday or thursday evening. Any suggestions? Willing to spend 50-60 pp.

Thank You

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  1. Le Gigot on Cornelia Street has some of the best crabcakes I have ever eaten. They are on the menu as an appetizer but they can be a main as well. The restaurant is small...not lots of room between tables but quite charming. They have great oysters and a nicely varied menu.

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      I've always like the crabcakes at The Redeye Grill on 7th (around 56th).

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        Must definitely agree with erica-best crabcakes can be had at Le Gigot! I just went there Saturday-how funny that I see it on this list as best crabcakes because our whole table felt the same way!!!

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        1. DH thinks the crabcakes at Moran's (chelsea) are excellent, meaty and flavorful. And it's a lovely atmosphere.

          1. i recenlty had a fabulous crab cake at Roy's. I know there's an appetizer, but not sure if there's more than that... check it out.

            1. The only non-fishy tasting crabcakes I've had in the city were many years ago at the 21 Club.