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Jul 1, 2007 08:06 AM

Report: BBQ in Columbia, SC

Just got back from a week teaching at USC. Tried to hit BBQ places every night. Here are my comments:

Best Ribs-surprisningly Shane's Rib Shack at 2001 Beltline Blvd. This placed #2 in the competition held by a local newspaper. Never would have gone in but for the rating.It's a small chain. It looks way to cutesy to have good ribs. But the paper was right. Smokey, tasty ribs. Pulls of the bone with just a slight tug. Side were good but not outstanding.

Worst Ribs-Hudson's Smokehouse: small, lacking in meat, way too much rub. But to be fair the pulled pork was super as were the sides, esp the hash.

Best fish-Doc's, but at the same time, the worst hash. It had been processed to the point that it was like a thick soup. No texture, but good flavor. Chicken excellent. Doc had good side, but I thought the dessert, chocolate cobbler, was gummy

Best overall-Farm Boys in Chapin (other than the ribs that were too chewy) but the sides were fresh as could be, the fried chicken outstanding and the new location (just off the interstate) was spiffy.

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  1. Thanks, Bob. I will get myself over to Shane's for ribs. And fish at Doc's. Too bad about Hudsons. I've not had the ribs, but I agree with the pulled pork and I wish they'd lighten up on the brisket sauce. Glad to hear your take on things.

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      Understand that when you walk into Shane's it seems WAY TOO cute. But the proof is iin the ribs and they were top notch. I ended up going there twice.