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Jul 1, 2007 07:32 AM

Got a new Zojirushi, recipe suggestions?

My dad bought me a Zoj Neuro Fuzzy 10 cup for my B-Day.. I love the look, kinda like something from Star Wars.
Anyway, anyone out there have something they love about their Zoj, aside from rice of course.
I have always had trouble with brown rice and this one has that setting. Does it perform well for that?
Thanks in advance

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  1. Yes, I've never had a problem with the brown rice setting. I love my Zojirushi. I also love the programming feature. When you always get home from work after 8P, it's nice to have freshly cooked rice waiting for you. Have fun breaking in your new rice cooker.

    1. My Dad got a big Fujitronic automatic job...doesn't cook brown rice very well at all. The old cheapo National however cooks brown rice very well. My guess is the newer cookers have a moisture or some other sensor that shuts it off too soon...the fuzzy logic however might help. Also might look for split grain brown rice, usually at Japanese stores.

      1. Well, I just made some rice pudding in it and the flavor was great!
        Hopefully, everything else will be. I dug out my copy of The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook and am going to try several other things this week.

        1. Love mine! Don't know how I lived without it before. However, since we're at high altitude, I cook the brown rice on the semi-brown setting, but add water to the brown rice line. I like making steel cut oatmeal in it, too.

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            LL, could you please tell me your ratio for cooking the steel cut? Is it the same as stovetop.
            I started using this kind of oatmeal last year and love it

          2. I just cooked some brown rice (short grain) in mine yesterday. I don't like the brown rice setting OR the suggested water amount. Makes the rice soggy, IMO. I cook mine on the white rice setting, with the white rice water guides. This might be dependent on the type of brown rice you're working with...

            How did you make the rice pudding?

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            1. re: davis_sq_pro

              I used the Old Fashioned recipe from The Ultimate Rice Cooker.
              2/3 C medium grain rice
              4 C milk
              1 large egg
              1/3 cup sugar
              1 tsp vanilla

              put rice and milk in cooker. set to porridge. When it stops, add remaining ingredients [tempering first]; reset to porridge and stir every 15 minutes or so [it will thicken as it sets]..
              after that, I added some demerera sugar to the top just for that taste
              Hubby ate three helpings.
              It was also good cold the next day

              1. re: bookwormchef

                I had no idea there were rice cooker cookbooks! Which "Ultimate Rice Cooker" do you recommend? Amazon lists three books with that title.

                1. re: davis_sq_pro

                  The one I have is The Ultimate Rce Cooker cookbook: Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufman. I love it. It also has a great recipe for presve lemons to go along with their Morrocan food.
                  It has rice recipes, of course, but also for other things like chili, polenta, etc