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Jul 1, 2007 07:25 AM

best crabs in baltimore

We want to go out tomorrow for crabs - my husband and I don't eat a lot but we absolutely want the biggest ones we can get - any recommendations for places that will take reservation and guarantee crabs - preferably not on the eastern side of town since we live in Pikesville. Friends suggested Costas but it is a really long drive.

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  1. My favorite place is Mr. Bill's Terrace Inn but thats in Essex and they don't take reservations. On your side of town, I have heard good things about The Crab Shanty on rt. 40 but haven't eaten there myself. Ocean Pride in Lutherville usually has good crabs. If someone suggests LP Steamers, I would stear clear of that place, had a horrible experience there a few weeks ago.

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      I went to the Crab Shanty last year. I got the most expensive crabs ever (for me). Like $80 a dozen. They were huge and perfect, but $80. I agree to avoid LP Steamers. Obryki's is consistently good and my one time at Mr. Bill's has made me a believer.

    2. If you are willing to go downtown baltimore, Bo Brooks or Obrycki's (sp) are great!

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        Was just at Bo Brooks yesterday, the crabs were very expensive and at least half of what we had (and granted, they were lunch crabs) were reheated. Their biggest were $90 a dozen - come on now. Also, one of the owners, Chris keep telling me that Clipper City BaltoMarzHon is a wheat beer - uh no dude, it's a Marzen style Amber Lager. He insisted, throwing out that he knew Hugh Sisson. It was embarassing. Also, the waitress decided I should have Clipper City Gold since they stopped serving MarzHon which is what I ordered since it was on the menu. At one point she told the next table that blue crabs were "God's creatures".

      2. I have to agree with the posters about LP Steamers. Actually, I'm a big believer in only have cheap, watery beer with crabs, so even the thought that that would push a mis-named wheat beer is beyond me.

        If you don't go for crabs all that often, a trip to the eastern side of Baltimore Co. for Costa's really isn't all that far!

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          I live between Catonsville and Ellicott City - I've got to get over to the Eastern part of town and follow all your recs for Costas and Mr. Bills!
          But, OP, if you want to stay West side, I wouldn't go to Crab Shanty. I've had too many so-so crabs from there to recommend it to anyone anymore. On the other hand, we just had some really tasty crabs from the Ship's Cafe in Catonsville. I like their heavy use of rock salt and the spice mix is good. I've only had take out but they do have a dining room. Good Luck!

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            I wondered about Ship's cafe, good to know!