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Jul 1, 2007 05:23 AM

Thai grocery in London?

Hi all,

I'm trying to track down some decent Thai curry paste and I'm wondering if there is a good Thai grocery in London. Or, does The Spice shop carry curry paste? I only remember seeing powders there.


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  1. I used to go to the one on Chepstow Road (W11) fairly frequently and they have a good range of Thai groceries and some ready made preparations. There is also a small Thai grocery store attaching to Taste of Siam restaurant on Camden High Street. And a place on Upper Richmond Road (East Putney), I forget the name.

    Look out for Maesri brand curry pastes, they are very good.

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    1. re: oonth

      Thanks for the suggestions and for the brand name. I could never remember what the brand the really good paste was that I used to get in NY, maybe that's it. Either way I'm sure it'll beat what I'm finding at the local supermarket here.

      1. re: hungry1

        Probably the same brand, I've lived in Manhattan for the last 2 years and Maesri brand seems to be the most available (and popular) one in the Chinatown stores that I frequent in and around Mott, Mulberry and Elizabeth.

    2. If you feel like travelling to North London, Oriental City (399 Edgware Rd, NW9) has a large selection of Thai groceries (also Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese). By public transport you can take the Northern Line to Colindale, then walk, or take Bus #32 from Kilburn. If you are driving they have free parking. They also have a great food court next to the grocery store so go hungry.