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Help! my husband just brought home 40lb's of salmon.

he just came home from a fishing trip to alaska. I need some quick/easy recipes if anybody can help?

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  1. Freeze some of your bounty in logical serving size portions, cure some a la Gravlax, have a huge cook-out. Here's a selection of recipes from the Food Network site:

    Other sites such as Epicurious and Recipeczar have additional ideas. Me? I bake, grill and poach wild Alaskan salmon. It's one of the most healthy fishes you can eat, and the easiest to prepare, IMHO. Lucky you!!

    1. I also recommend making gravlax. It's super-simple (doesn't require any special equipment or ingredients), and after made, you can freeze it and store it for a few months as well.

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        Second that! I recently made Gravlax and it was wonderful!! I added a splash of Cognac to the usual mix. I am SO jealous!

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          Wow, I didn't think I could freeze gravlax. Does it affect the texture at all?
          It would be amazing to have a stash in my freezer for weekend breakfast.

        2. Oh my gosh - you lucky, lucky woman!! :) Do you own a smoker? A friend of mine does the best smoked salmon by himself - way better than the store bought kind. Unfortunately, I am at a loss to help with details. But an idea, none the less. Enjoy!

          1. Cool...I have to agree with every suggestion below...but... you can make your own smoker out of a cardboard box, and have a great time ! see..


            Have fun !!!!!!!!

            1. I have good friends who summer in Alaska every year, and they can a lot of the salmon they catch for great eating at any time. As a recipient of some of their bounty, I can attest to how delicious it is, and recommend you google for some canning instructions.

              1. Thanks everyone for the suggestions one question what is gravlax? and is there a recipe for it? we do have a smoker and will be smoking some. never thought of canning I'll googgle that

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                  Gravlax is salmon that is cured using a mixture of salt and sugar, and is absolutely delicious. I posted a recipe awhile back - will dig it up and post a link. It's often served with a mustard sauce.

                  Edit - here's the link:


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                    Squaw candy canned is "Awsome" our family had a foster child that lived in Alaska and they would send us alot of this rare treat

                  2. I wish I had the procedures for you but perhaps on the internet or maybe a ch from the NorthWest board can help? My dad while living in Olympia/Puget Sound would smoke salmon and albacore, and then he canned it. It was so moist and delcious. I am sorry that I don't have anything written, but it is a good way to presevering the salmon without having to freeze all of it.

                    1. As already suggested freeze portion sized pieces. Make sure you plastic wrap them very tightly, or if you have a vacuum sealer (I don't) use that. Freeze as quickly as you can and thaw slowly. Lots of stuff you can cook/grill when partly frozen, too.

                      Other ideas: Salmon salad or salmon chowder with roasted corn. (Salmonchanted evening, you may find a stranger..)

                      1. Make a white sauce with sautéed green onions and garlic,peas and carrots with some of the salmon then put over noodles could pre-cook then add to sauce or put sauce over grilled fish on top of noodles.Best eaten 30 minutes before bed cause it'll knock you out.

                        1. I see you have a smoker, but here is an easy smoking recipe I do at home, inside.

                          Line your wok with lots of foil. LOTS of it. I use about 8 layers.

                          In the bottom of the wok add a cup of uncooked rice, a cup of Lapsang Souchon tea leaves and a cup of brown sugar.

                          Put a cake tray/rack over this mix and lay the salmon on top.

                          Put the lid on the wok and seal it with another couple of layers of alfoil, completely sealing the whole thing.

                          Whack in on high, on your gas ring and wait about 12 minutes. Let it rest for another 4-5 mins and unwrap.

                          Instant sweet, tea smoked fish, and once the foil is removed, a sparkly clean wok!!!

                          1. I'm agreed on the freezing. Salmon is actually quite versatile. It grills, it bakes, it smokes, and it sautes nicely. Here are some of my favorites.

                            Just rub with a typical spice rub and grill about 3-5 min on each side.

                            Cook however you like, then lay the salmon atop a mix of romaine and other greens, dress with honey mustard, rice noodles, sesame seeds, and raisins.

                            Surprisingly, salmon can be battered and fried - quite good.

                            It's also excellent as a sandwich.

                            1. ya'll have given me some great ideas "THANKS" I'll be grilling ,smoking and freezing for awhile!!

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                                If you have some leftover bits, you can make fish cakes. Mashed potatoes, dill, eggs, green onion, salmon. Mix together. Freeze or fry.

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                                  We also enjoy planking the salmon on a grill. With a cedar plank (we get it from our local grocer) that is well soaked...plop the salmon on the cedar (i give this side a light oiling) with skin side on the cedar...a mix of chopped dill, shallots, veg oil (sometimes olive oil but the smoke and cedar sometimes drown out the olive oil depending on what you use) on top of the salmon.

                                  The salmon on the board go into a hot bbq and I turn the flame down on the side the plank is on. Drop the lid. About 15-20 minutes later a nice cedary salmon side...and I keep a squirt bottle handy for any flareups that occur.

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                                    I'll second Cedar plank salmon,I think it's best plain in all it's Cedary goodness,but thats me.Here's Saltys resturant method baked right in the oven.

                                2. I'd be happy to take some off of your hands! ;) Seriously though, my bf and I also brought home lots of salmon from a fishing trip in Alaska and we've been eating it for it quite some time now! I made this recipe recently which was very fresh and light with lots of good flavor. You can multiply this depending on how many guests you have:


                                  I've also served the smoked variety on a platter with crackers, cream cheese and a wonderful Roasted Raspberry Chipotle sauce from Costco. Guests can combine the ingredients for a tasty hors d’œuvre


                                  Oh and I forgot to mention - It makes a great gift! We brought home half what you have and still it was a lot. Since it was freezer packed already I gave away a good portion of it as gifts to friends and family whom I knew would appreciate a nice piece of fresh salmon (and who would have a clue as to how to cook it without ruining it). I can't tell you how many grateful tummies it fed and the phone calls of appreciation afterwards! :)

                                  1. I am not feeling to sorry for you having to deal with wild, fresh Alaskan salmon! Freeze portions enough for a special occasion, but don't cut it in individual servings; you can do that after it is cooked or thawed.
                                    Smoked salmon is a calling!
                                    Slice paper thin and freeze to make salmon tartar.
                                    Make a batch of salmon cakes uncooked.

                                    1. Here is a recipe for salmon cooked outdoors for a large group.
                                      I cooked a huge piece of salmon while camping last summer and even the little kids loved it.
                                      I completely covered the bottom of a piece of tin foil with orange slices, then placed the salmon on top and covered it with thickened teriyaki sauce; wrapped it up and baked it on the fire.
                                      Here is the teriyaki recipe I used:
                                      1 cup low-sodium soy sauce, 1 cup grapefruit juice, 1/4 cup hoisin sauce, 1/4 cup ketchup,
                                      3 tablespoons rice wine vinegar, 1/4 cup brown sugar, 1 fresh, hot red chile, halved, 5 garlic cloves, halved, 2-inch piece fresh ginger, smashed with the side of a large knife
                                      Cook until fairly thick (coats the back of a spoon).