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Jul 1, 2007 05:15 AM

Help! my husband just brought home 40lb's of salmon.

he just came home from a fishing trip to alaska. I need some quick/easy recipes if anybody can help?

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  1. Freeze some of your bounty in logical serving size portions, cure some a la Gravlax, have a huge cook-out. Here's a selection of recipes from the Food Network site:

    Other sites such as Epicurious and Recipeczar have additional ideas. Me? I bake, grill and poach wild Alaskan salmon. It's one of the most healthy fishes you can eat, and the easiest to prepare, IMHO. Lucky you!!

    1. I also recommend making gravlax. It's super-simple (doesn't require any special equipment or ingredients), and after made, you can freeze it and store it for a few months as well.

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        Second that! I recently made Gravlax and it was wonderful!! I added a splash of Cognac to the usual mix. I am SO jealous!

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          Wow, I didn't think I could freeze gravlax. Does it affect the texture at all?
          It would be amazing to have a stash in my freezer for weekend breakfast.

        2. Oh my gosh - you lucky, lucky woman!! :) Do you own a smoker? A friend of mine does the best smoked salmon by himself - way better than the store bought kind. Unfortunately, I am at a loss to help with details. But an idea, none the less. Enjoy!

          1. Cool...I have to agree with every suggestion below...but... you can make your own smoker out of a cardboard box, and have a great time ! see..


            Have fun !!!!!!!!

            1. I have good friends who summer in Alaska every year, and they can a lot of the salmon they catch for great eating at any time. As a recipient of some of their bounty, I can attest to how delicious it is, and recommend you google for some canning instructions.